Griffyn Robotech and Phoenix Innovations LLC Announce New Patent for Cosmetic Grading System


Griffyn Robotech and Phoenix Innovations LLC, part of the Phoenix Group announced granting of patent on their Cosmetic Grading System entitled ‘COSMETIC GRADING THROUGH IMAGE PROCESSING and METHOD’. The patent was granted by the US Patents and Trademark Office. The host grading system is registered under the trade name DEEPSIGHT®. It is fully designed and developed by Griffyn Robotech and marketed and sold by Phoenix Innovations LLC in the USA.

What is the DEEPSIGHT® System?

Personal portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearables suffer from trauma from inadvertent falls and user abuse. These devices significantly degrade in value due to the cracks, scratches, digs or dents they suffer as a result. Some of these defects may be microscopic in nature. However, ability to detect these defects becomes important when these devices are part of the secondary market.

Human operators who inspect the devices may not be able to detect all the flaws. This is where an AI enabled DEEPSIGHT® system comes into picture. Whereas a human hair is about 80-90 microns thick, the DEEPSIGHT® system detects defects as small as 40 microns wide. Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the DEEPSIGHT® system reveals flaws that are commonly missed by the human eye. DEEPSIGHT® eliminates the inconsistent grading attributed to human weaknesses such as distraction, boredom, fatigue etc.

The grading data are stored in the cloud and can be integrated with other warehouse management and automation systems and are available to be used for making further decisions. The web-based dashboards and analytics provided by DEEPSIGHT® system offer unique and comprehensive view to the businesses. This helps in making decisions related to the quality and consistency of incoming devices, planning of buff and polish and repair, and valuation and routing.

Amit Mahajan, Chief Executive Officer of the Phoenix Group said, “the grant of the patent is a proof of the culture of innovation in our organization. DEEPSIGHT®‘s enhanced capabilities in seeing what the human eye cannot see is a game changer in the world of recyclable and sustainable electronics. The secondary markets and OEMs have a tremendous benefit in assessing the quality of the products powered by the world’s most advanced cosmetic grading system.”

Inventors of DEEPSIGHT®

A group of technology futurists worked on the DEEPSIGHT® algorithms, namely

  • Amit Mahajan
  • Samir Bagalkote
  • Ameya Jathar
  • Vidula Alhat
  • Nikhil Warokar
  • Deepak Anand

Phoenix Group congratulates the inventors for their creativity and ingenuity!