Many years ago, Amuda Goueli foresaw, the imminent demise of the traditional search engine in the online travel agency (OTA) sector. The restrictive way in which an online travel agency requires its clients to already know their desired travel dates and destination, was unnatural and needed to evolve.

The Destinia founder and CEO has always maintained that the future of the OTA industry would become more personalised, with recommendations based on the unique needs of each client. Clients should have something akin to their own personal travel agent, with the widest knowledge possible using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the ability to make recommendations and advise them, but with the prices, availability and speed of an online agency.

For a long time now, clients have been clamouring for an online experience that offers all the advantages of an offline experience.

Today, the future is here! On its innovative Destinia Beta platform, an ecosystem dedicated to research and development aimed at continuous evolution and growth, Destinia is introducing Desta, an AI solution designed to revolutionise the user experience of making travel arrangements.

Unlike conventional virtual assistants, which can only respond to predetermined questions, Desta adapts to the needs of the client, offering personalised suggestions for destinations, hotels and travel-related services.

During the beta phase, users can access Desta by registering at in order to try out its features first hand.

According to Goueli, “The traditional search engine as we know it is becoming obsolete. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and we should take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer in order to make people’s lives better. Thanks to AI, we have finally succeeded in implementing an idea we have been visualising for many years. That future has arrived, and it is here to stay.”