Asia Innovations Group Integrates AI Technologies on Its E-commerce Platform to Optimize Online Shopping Experience


Asia Innovations Group (“ASIG” or the “Company”), a mobile social company based in Singapore with an integrated portfolio of social, gaming, payments and e-commerce platforms, has announced the implementation of cutting-edge, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into its globally popular e-commerce platform Hekka, an international online marketplace featuring a broad range of products that has emerged as a lifestyle shopping platform offering products at a fair price to netizens.

AI Propels the Hekka Shopping Experience to the Next Level

Utilizing Stable Diffusion, the cutting-edge AI technology for product imaging, Hekka can now satisfy its customer needs better than ever before while effectively reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Through the creation of AI generated images, costs have been reduced considerably. One key area of improvement has been AI-generated images that utilize ASIG_AIGC (a platform with a synergy of multiple AI technologies) text-to-image diffusion technology capable of generating stylized and photo-realistic images that eliminates traditional model photography that can cost between US$20-30 per item and can take a minimum of two-weeks to process. However, with the use of AI-generated images using ASIG_AIGC technology, costs have decreased by 95% while allowing customers a deeper understanding of the products they are buying.

In a similar way, Hekka has used ChatGPT to increase the quality of product descriptions at scale, which led to Hekka’s organic traffic growth by 25%, increased article click-through rates by 23%. Additionally, the implementation of AI has resulted in a significant boost in payment conversion rates for Hekka, with a notable increase of 42%. This improvement in consumer engagement is thanks to ChatGPT’s application in SEO optimization. Through analysis of marketing conversion rates and keywords, ASIG_AIGC technology can quickly and accurately identify new user needs, market trends, and competitor strategies. Combined with ASIG_AIGC and ChatGPT technologies, Hekka’s overall e-commerce operational and traffic conversion efficiency have increased by 69% and 43%, respectively.

Hekka’s Ongoing Commitment to Innovate

“The successful implementation of ChatGPT and ASIG_AIGC technologies into Hekka’s operations is part of our ongoing drive to ceaselessly innovate within the industry,” said Ouyang Yun, Chairman and CEO of ASIG. “With these innovative solutions, our e-commerce business can significantly reduce costs while also improving user experience, enhancing our position in a highly competitive market.”

As technology continues to profoundly shape the e-commerce experience worldwide, innovation provided by ASIG allows businesses to not only keep up with the changes but also set themselves apart from competitors. Hekka’s success story serves as an inspiration for other e-commerce companies worldwide, highlighting the significant improvements in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction achieved through investing in AI technologies.

For more information about Hekka and ASIG or for further insights into their work on ChatGPT and AI Technology offerings, please email [email protected].