ASUS Aims to Lead the New Digital Era with Launch of ASUS-NTU Joint Research Center


ASUS today announced the establishment of the ASUS-National Taiwan University (NTU) Joint Research Center, inaugurating a collaboration with NTU to consolidate industry-academia development capabilities and foster smart technology for the future.

Announced today at the unveiling ceremony by ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih and NTU President Chung-Ming Kuan, the Center combines exceptional talent from the business and academic sectors and aims to cultivate future leaders in smart technology fields. Established with R&D investments totaling over US $3.5 million, the Center will focus on areas such as advanced electromagnetics, next-generation computers, IoT, and artificial intelligence, pooling resources from across sectors to attain research breakthroughs and propel smart technologies forward.

During the ceremony, several leaders from ASUS and NTU hailed the start of the partnership. “As a leading global brand in motherboards and computing, ASUS is actively expanding innovation in artificial intelligence and AIoT to harness the accelerating digitization trends in the industry,” noted ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih. “Combining the innovation capabilities of ASUS with the solid academic research foundations of NTU, we are setting a new standard for industry-academia collaboration while bringing Taiwan’s R&D capabilities to greater heights on the international stage.”

“ASUS encourages every BU to make use of industry-academia collaboration and strategic alliances to actively plan key technologies and develop new areas of business,” ASUS co-CEO S.Y. Hsu elaborated. “Through the combined efforts of ASUS and NTU, the Center will further connect academic resources with industry applications to drive ASUS and the industry forward.”

From National Taiwan University: “NTU and ASUS have built a long-term relationship, and we are taking this further with the establishment of the Center. NTU professors across diverse research fields, from electrical engineering and computer science to medicine, are committed to the future development of the Center,” NTU President Chung-Ming Kuan remarked. “We look forward to seeing more interactions between our faculty members, students, and industry leaders, as well as to demonstrating the academic capabilities of NTU.”

Envisioning the ASUS-NTU Joint Research Center as a world-leading smart tech incubator

ASUS endeavors to be an industry leader in artificial intelligence and applied AIoT fields, integrating robust innovation capabilities across hardware and software to roll out smart technologies with ecosystem partners. Aligning with these goals, the Center will place special focus on three major, advanced areas — terminal and edge device technology, internet and multimedia, and data science and smart healthcare — and is currently formulating plans for short, medium, and long-term research projects.

For this collaboration with NTU, ASUS will be consolidating R&D resources across departments, rallying the research and application capabilities of seven NTU departments plus the National Taiwan University Hospital. Aside from expanding cross-discipline innovation capabilities, ASUS will also be passing on its enterprise experience, giving back to academia, and cultivating a new generation of R&D talent — carrying out aspirations to advance the ASUS-NTU Joint Research Center firmly towards the No. 1 position in Asia and the top tier worldwide.

A collaboration between enterprise, academia and government with an industry-wide impact

In addition to investment from ASUS to support its development, the Center will also be subsidized by the Academia-Industry Research Center (AIR Center) from Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology. By acting as an innovation incubator, fostering R&D talent, and advancing smart technology development, ASUS aims to bring new vitality into the information and communications technology industry, thereby reinforcing international connections and increasing Taiwan’s visibility worldwide.