Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Art Experience Company Cupixel Raises $5M Led by JOANN Stores


Cupixel, an experience start-up that brings the joy of creating art to everyone, announces today that the company secured $5M in seed funding led by JOANN (NASDAQ: JOAN).

The Cupixel app harnesses state-of-the-art AR and AI technologies and pairs it with innovative content, premium art materials, interactive tools, and live or on-demand artist-led experiences, enabling people to easily create striking works of art. People who have never before made art can create spectacular paintings and drawings in limitless styles, with limitless subjects, choosing from an extensive gallery of images and fonts. Cupixel offers people a creative outlet and all the benefits that go with that—wellbeing, mindfulness, and joy. The Cupixel app is available on Google Play and the App Store for $12.99/month, and Cupixel offers a limited experience to users for free.

“JOANN is committed to bringing our customers the best tools and assortment available and has been investing in the latest craft technology over recent years,” said Rob Will, Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at JOANN. “We believe that Cupixel is at the cutting edge and is providing users of all skill levels with the unique and significant rewards that come from creating art.

Cupixel’s AR-powered smart tracing technology casts outlines—either from its gallery of images or of users’ own design—onto any surface for people to trace. Cupixel’s AI-powered photo to outline conversion technology allows users to upload their own photographs and convert them into image outlines that people can turn into art. And Cupixel’s text editor technology lets users design text-based artwork that can stand alone or be added to another piece of art, while its time-lapse tool captures the entire process so people can watch their art come to life and share it on social media.

“Cupixel offers daily live and on-demand art experiences that continually provides value for our users and their families —whether they are making greeting cards, uploading their own photos and drawing them, or more — everyone can produce their own masterpiece,” says Elad Katav, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Cupixel.

In addition to the AR app’s interactive tools, Cupixel offers physical art sets with all the premium materials users need to create art. The Cupixel Acrylic Art Set includes high-quality paints, brushes, and canvases for paintings, while the Greeting Card Set includes art supplies for creating personalized greeting cards, including premium blank card stock and envelopes, 12 dual-tipped markers, and a selection of greeting card covers.