Banca Patrimoni Sella & C. launches a new discretionary mandate powered by MDOTM Ltd’s Artificial Intelligence


Banca Patrimoni Sella & C. launches a new discretionary mandate based on Artificial Intelligence. The new mandate has been developed in partnership with MDOTM Ltd, the Fintech scaleup global provider of AI-driven investment solutions for institutional investors.

The new mandate, called “GP AI-Driven”, will invest in a flexible and broadly diversified portfolio obtained through an innovative investment strategy that combines MDOTM Ltd’s proprietary AI methodology with the know-how and experience of Banca Patrimoni Sella & C.’s investment team.

The mandate will leverage the analysis of Big Data combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence models and cloud computing to constantly reflect in the portfolio the latest developments in financial market dynamics, resulting in an improved risk-return profile and a constantly updated optimal asset allocation.

“GP AI-Driven” will actively invest in funds, ETFs, and individual securities, through a portfolio highly diversified at a geographical and sectoral level that discounts the expected returns and correlations as well as key behavioral finance dynamics.

Diego Mihalich, Chief Investment Officer of Banca Patrimoni Sella & C. commented: “Today we strengthen our suite of discretionary mandates by bringing an innovative technology like Artificial Intelligence into our processes. The partnership with MDOTM Ltd marks a significant step forward in our innovation strategy and in improving the quality of the investment solutions available to our clients. It is a further technological add that goes hand in hand with our targeted and bespoke advisory services, which have always been a distinctive trait of our bank”.

Federico Invernizzi, Chief Operating Officer of MDOTM Ltd, commented: “Integrating Artificial Intelligence in the investment process and develop new solutions is a strategic factor that will drive banks and asset managers’ growth. This technology represents a unique opportunity to provide investment teams with unbiased inputs and improve their decision-making. We are excited for the launch of GP AI-Driven: a cutting-edge investment solution that combines the bank’s expertise with our AI platform’s inputs in a flexible and global portfolio able to adapt to the continuous evolutions of financial markets”