Bright Data and Statista partner to deliver new data sets and insights for intelligent, fact-based decisions


Bright Data, the industry-leading web data platform is partnered with Statista, one of the world’s leading data and business intelligence platforms. This new partnership creates limitless opportunities for businesses, governments, academics and other entities to discover insights into their industry and make fact-based decisions. Together we are able to deliver more data and analyze a variety of topics that impact the decisions both businesses and consumers make.

“Adding public web data to Statista platform allows businesses to see a complete data picture from numerous sources. Bright Data is keen on delivering impactful data that can be analyzed to tell a story about any given question,” said Or Lenchner, Bright Data CEO. “We are looking forward to seeing what our partnership will produce with several insightful datasets already published.”

“Bright Data enhances the data landscape for us by providing access to public web data sets, which we have few suppliers for. Through our partnership, we aim to expand our ability to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Agnete Lange Lundetrae, Director Strategic Data Partnerships at Statista.

Bright Data x Statista has already published more than a dozen statistics with many more soon available. Two recent examples include data on beauty/personal care and furniture sales. Here are insights from our joint work:

Beauty/ personal care on in 2023 (in U.S. dollars)

  • CeraVe is the best-selling beauty and personal care brand.
  • Hyaluronic acid was the #1 best-selling ingredient.
  • Snail mucin saw a 105% increase in sales.

Furniture sales on of First Quarter 2022 compared to First Quarter 2023

  • U.S. dollar sales dropped drastically in 16 categories.
  • Category sales of bed bases and frames sales dropped the most by 87%.
  • The category with the most units sold by far is rugs.
  • The category with the most fluctuation in sales prices is sectionals.