Brydg passes £1 billion real estate loan landmark and announces ambitious plans to go further


Brydg, is a scale-up technology business bringing a fresh look to the way property is financed in the UK. It can announce that after five years of lending it has now provided over £1 billion of secured real estate loans to developers and property owners.

This December alone, Brydg has provided over £55 million worth of secured loans to SMEs and borrowers looking to refinance.

Brydg’s sophisticated financing platform enables it to service the commercial real estate sector and to provide scalable solutions to loan orignators and institutional capital allocators to complete deals more rapidly and efficiently.

Speaking about this impressive performance, Peter Matthews, Director of Brydg said:

“Brydg’s scale is growing bigger and bigger every month as we attract new clients and with access to efficient capital our existing clients grow rapidly too. To hit the landmark of £1 billion within such a short period proves that Brydg has truly transformed and democratised the property market.”

“Our ambitions continue as our unique technology gives us the ability to scale. Our target will now be to double that £1bn within the next two years.”

“Using sophisticated and proprietary Artificial Intelligence coupled with advanced technologies and data science forms the basis of our speedy approach to underwriting secured loans. And our track record clearly demonstrates our reach and service, and we have ambitions well beyond what we have achieved so far. We can see a clear path for Brydg to transform the UK’s real estate market to be more efficient and save costs for all parties in a real estate transaction.”

Nicolas Guilloteau, Partner at Spice Capital, an institutional funder in Brydg commented:

“The marriage of team and tech at Brydg is quite unique for capital allocation at scale. We’re proud to have been working with Brydg for the last 5 years in supporting their growth and are excited for their future!”