Launch of CounterCraft The Pulse™ Redefines Threat Intel Feeds


CounterCraft, the global leader in cyber deception-powered threat intelligence and active defense technology for organizations worldwide, including the U.S. Department of Defense and other global defense forces, announced the launch of CounterCraft The Pulse™. The Pulse™ is a threat intelligence feed of prepared incident data from CounterCraft. It uses powerful deception technology to capture threat intel around the latest exploits and vulnerabilities on the web before delivering it via API in real time.

A threat intel feed with impact

Generic, out-of-context threat intel feeds are interesting but rarely impactful, with an average delay between an incident and its reporting clocking in at 21 days. That is simply too long to be relevant. CounterCraft The Pulse™ brings you a real-time source of Machine Readable Threat Intelligence (MRTI) with an unbeatable signal to noise ratio.

“We always say that threat intel is broken,” says David Barroso, co-founder and CEO of CounterCraft. “With The Pulse, we use cyber deception to gather valuable intel about the latest exploits. The ability to observe a threat actor’s moves and provide the most detailed threat intel out there is unique within the market.”

CounterCraft is the most recent deception technology to receive Cool Vendor status, and is currently named as the only deception vendor in Gartner threat intel reports.

How The Pulse is different

The intel in The Pulse is gathered using deception campaigns designed by CounterCraft’s team of experts. Detailed telemetry is collected from the deception farms in the Pulse central system and enriched to create in-depth event data.

The Pulse allows users to

  • Identify exploits before they affect your organization
  • Get the details and the context you need to make security decisions
  • Prioritize risk mitigation
  • Download the complete attacker playbook
  • Know exactly how threat actors would exploit their vulnerabilities

With incident tags that allow classifying by CVEs, tech stacks, and more, unlimited API queries and a RESTful API that offers continuous monitoring and incident data in a standardized JSON format, The Pulse is a game changer.