Harbr named “Data Technology Startup of the Year”


Harbr has been named “Data Technology Startup of the Year” at the Data Breakthrough Awards 2023. The awards, which are in their fourth edition, recognize innovators and leaders in the data technology space. Selected from a pool of over 2,000 applicants, Harbr’s win affirms their pioneering approach to supporting data commerce initiatives at large organizations.

“Quite simply, Harbr helps people to solve problems with data. We work with some of the most innovative data providers out there to build a truly next-generation data commerce offering. They already know their market, their customers, and their data products. We transform their business by addressing key problems with how they deliver value through data,” said Anthony Cosgrove, co-founder of Harbr.

Leo Spiegel, Harbr’s CEO, added, “We’re proud to provide a secure platform for data collaboration and exchange, enabling organizations to drive innovation and solve complex problems. We look forward to continuing to help our customers stay at the forefront of data commerce.”

Harbr provides the interface and infrastructure on which blue chip data providers — such as Moody’s Analytics and CoreLogic — run their flagship data commerce offerings. Harbr allows organizations to share and monetize data while ensuring data privacy and security.

Each Harbr customer has its own private, branded Harbr platform filled with its data products, available only to its chosen customers, partners, and internal stakeholders. To Harbr’s end users — the platform owners’ customers or data consumers — Harbr is invisible. Harbr platforms benefit from advanced encryption and access controls to protect data from unauthorized access, breaches, and cyber threats.

The platforms allow users to access sample datasets or trial data products on-platform, without any data needing to leave the secure cloud environment. Platform owners get to keep custody of their data, and data consumers are able to find and derive value from the right data product. Harbr also allows data products to be customized by users on the platform, unlocking high value use cases with less effort.

Harbr is designed to handle large volumes of data from multiple sources and can scale up or down based on the demand. Harbr sits on whatever cloud platform customers are already using, providing scalability while minimizing setup time and costs. Its open architecture enables easy integration with existing systems and data sources.

Reflecting on the reason to name Harbr the Data Technology Startup of the Year, James Johnson, Managing Director of Data Breakthrough, explained, “The Data Commerce landscape is rapidly changing. After years of investing in data and analytics, organizations with rich insights are bringing data products to market and building new data businesses, but public data marketplaces don’t work for them. Additionally, data consumers can have very particular needs, therefore, most data products need to be customized before they can be truly useful. Overall, Harbr’s innovative approach to data exchange and monetization, coupled with its advanced security features, scalability, interoperability, and collaboration capabilities, make it a breakthrough technology that has the potential to transform the way organizations share, monetize, and collaborate on data. Congratulations on being our pick for the 2023 ‘Data Technology Startup of the Year!’”