Macro Risk Advisors Announces Formation of Ironsides MRA Institutional


Macro Risk Advisors (MRA), a leading provider of global market risk analysis and execution services for investors, announced the formation of a new unit, Ironsides MRA Institutional, to be led by Barry Knapp. The initiative will deliver top-down analysis of US equity markets with an emphasis on earnings, inflation and the path of monetary policy. In collaboration with the team at MRA, this effort will focus on identifying opportunities on both the long and short side of the US equity market as well as in the construction of efficient hedges. Clients will receive both tactical trading ideas as well as strategic advice on asset allocation.

The Founder of Ironsides Macroeconomics, Mr. Knapp has more than 30 years of experience in markets, both on the sell-side and buy-side. He spent 25 years at Lehman Brothers/Barclays Capital, first in equity derivatives, where he ran liquid products, 4 years in principal trading and then six years as the head of portfolio strategy at Barclays. Before founding Ironsides in 2019, he served in a buy-side portfolio management role at BlackRock before returning to the sell side as a Senior Managing Director and Head of Macro and Public Policy Strategy at Guggenheim Securities.

“Barry has effectively collaborated with MRA as a Senior Advisor for the last two years, delivering his evaluation of the macro environment. Together, we saw an opportunity to strengthen this business partnership and deliver a more cohesive product to clients,” said Dean Curnutt, founder of MRA.

“I’m excited to work on this new initiative. Helping clients understand what is or is not priced in and then how to position around changes in the macro climate is a valuable service we look forward to delivering,” said Mr. Knapp.

The launch of Ironsides MRA Institutional takes place as it has become critical to understand the interaction between markets, the economy and the Federal Reserve. With a focus on actionable trade ideas, the effort aims to uncover for clients instances where market prices are not consistent with the risks that may materialize. “We see growing demand for the kind of proven, independent expertise that Barry delivers. The client value proposition increases when such a framework is enhanced by the MRA trading and position management process,” said Brian Bier, President of MRA.