DeFinity Markets partners with digital asset cold storage provider Custodiex and infrastructure provider Crculus to create an expansive institutional digital asset execution ecosystem.


DeFinity Markets (powered by DMALINK), the institutional digital asset ECN has taken the first step towards creating the most expansive custody agnostic institutional digital asset ecosystem by integrating Custodiex into its tech stack.

Kam Patel, interim CEO and COO at Custodiex, says: “Custodiex is one of the most technologically advanced cold storage digital asset vault solutions in the world and we are delighted to be working with the DeFinity team who have been pushing the envelope of radical innovation within the digital asset sector for several years.”

Custodiex provides high security cold storage, with unlimited scalability, and support real-time digital asset management technologies for Financial Institutions. With hardware housed in multiple bunkers at undisclosed locations and with key ceremonies and processes designed to guard against even the most aggressive physical and cyber-attacks.

Manu Choudhary, co-founder of DeFinity, added: “Our ambition has always been to work collaboratively with innovative technology companies to expedite the evolution of the broader market and this partnership with Custodiex and Crculus certainly helps to achieve that. I have always been a huge fan performance enhancing technology and we believe that collectively we will be setting new standards within electronic trading for digital assets.”

Crculus was created to address the structural imperfections of the institutional digital asset custody market and uses cutting edge technology to create accessible, scalable and harmonious digital asset ecosystems. The Crculus Tech Stack sits in between the application and operating layer and is a key piece of middleware infrastructure to enable interoperability between multiple custodians.

Thomas Soede co-founder of Crculus, added: “One of the greatest issues with the Digital Asset market today, is that whilst transactions are executed and cleared in minutes the lack of Institutional infrastructure and interoperability prohibit full Financial Institution adoption. We believe our enterprise grade solution fulfils financial, regulatory, and operational requirements for institutions looking to enter the market.”

Michael Siwek, DeFinity co-founder, added: “Custodiex provide the distribution capabilities and durability of the cloud, combined with cold storage within physical bunkers, which we believe will add a phenomenal edge to our execution venue participants from a security and accessibility perspective.”


DeFinity Markets launches hourly AI Powered Crypto Anomaly signals and adds historic data to Ocean Market available on ETH and MATIC


DeFinity Markets (powered by DMALINK), the institutional digital asset ECN for digital assets releases hourly crypto market anomaly signals to enhance the current daily offering via the new Clarity Absolute App and as datasets available on Ocean Market across Ethereum and Polygon networks.

Anomaly detection is generally used to automatically detect out-of-distribution behaviours in asset prices. On an hourly basis, approx. 5 minutes past each hour (UTC), a new anomaly score (0-100%) is generated by deep learning AI models for each of the 12 supported crypto assets, (AAVE, ADA, BNB, BTC, DOT, ETH, LTC, MATIC, SOL, UNI, XMR, XRP). The deep learning AI models look at a combination of market data, context data and on-chain data to detect irregular patterns. These may be the result of undisclosed new information, ripple effects from correlated assets, or structural breaks in an asset’s behaviour versus the broader market. This technology can promptly discover these hidden market data aberrations, which would be otherwise undetectable, and provide an early warning on potential volatility events, making it a powerful risk management tool.

Thanks to the embedded collaboration with Axyon AI, a leading European FinTech with expertise in Deep Learning AI for asset management and trading firms, DeFinity Markets has been providing its customers and token holders access to premium crypto market anomaly detection scores since September 2021. The technology has proven extremely valid to monitor crypto market data and generate early warnings regarding (i) unexpected price behaviours, (ii) anomalous liquidity changes, and (iii) inconsistent transactions that could be a sign of broader volatility events on price.

Manu Choudhary, co-founder of DeFinity, says: “From a risk management and trading perspective the new hourly Anomaly Detector has the potential to play a pivotal role in giving portfolio managers early warning of the presence and scale of volatility events or directional changes in the 12 target crypto assets. Allowing them to either reduce their risk positions, engage in portfolio hedging or fade into volatility / directional changes to generate alpha in the spot or options market.”

Michael Siwek, DeFinity co-founder, added: “The anomaly detector could give digital asset stakeholders forewarning of a network attack, regulatory intervention or watching a country bail out of assets and predicting crisis.”

“We were the first to create and launch AI powered crypto anomaly detection in 2021 and in less than 12 months we have managed to exponentially improve the accuracy, reliability and shorted the predictive window to 60 minutes creating a truly remarkable and ground-breaking technology,”, concluded Chris Park CFO at DeFinity Markets.

The hourly signals are available via the Clarity Absolute app available via sign-up:

The hourly signals have also been released on Ocean Market at the following links:
–  Daily crypto anomaly scores, accessible via Ethereum network.
–  Daily crypto anomaly scores, accessible via Polygon network.

Ocean Market is a marketplace to find, publish and trade data sets in the Ocean Network.