TMG360 Media Announces Appointment of Kayleen M. Brown as Vice President

Kayleen M. Brown has been appointed Vice President of TMG360 Media, the new digital platform created to drive brand awareness, patient recruitment, strategic partnerships and funding access in the healthtech industry.

In her new role, Brown will manage the TMG360 newsroom and the team of healthtech journalists, covering market and industry trends, product launches and government affairs. She will also spearhead the agency’s digital storytelling and customized content strategy for clients.

“As a healthtech journalist, I’ve been able to tell the story behind the technologies through interviews, roundtables and panels with the industry’s top innovators, investors and stakeholders. As a business strategist, I’ve been able to analyze an organization’s existing processes and apply innovative, automated and scalable solutions. Now, in my new position that combines both roles, I get to not only tell the story but to also be a part of it,” says Brown.

TMG360 Media is a partnership between The Mullings Group, a leading medtech talent-acquisition firm, and Lobeline Communications, a leading digital media and PR firm in Los Angeles. The agency is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Los AngelesNew York City and Delray Beach, Fl.

Says COO Kristy Kennedy: “At the core of everything we do at TMG360 Media is digital content, whether it’s a video, a blog or an audio podcast. After nearly 15 years in medtech and healthtech intelligence, Kayleen has proven to be a valuable resource for storytelling of all kinds. We’re thrilled to have her join the team.”