Dataxet Showcases DXT360 Platform and EVO Framework as Tools to Empower Brand Communications in the Attention Economy


Dataxet Limited, a leading media intelligence company, showcased its DXT360™ platform and EVO™ framework as tools to empower brand communications in the attention economy at a seminar held on March 15, 2023 in Bangkok.

The seminar titled “Next Gen Media Intelligence: The New Era of Data-fed, Insight-led Brand Building” featured experts and distinguished speakers who discussed the changing media landscape and its impact on brands and organizations. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Smith Boonchutima, Lecturer at the Department of Public Relations, Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University; Mr. Robert Kabus, Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Partner at Dataxet Pte Ltd; Ms. Sawita Bekanan, Insight Analyst Manager at Dataxet Limited; and Ms. Nualnissa Ubolpong, Corporate Communications and Public Relations Section Manager at Thai Bridgestone Co., Ltd., shared their views and insights with over 100 attendees from leading companies and government agencies.

Dr. Boonchutima said media intelligence is vital to a successful communication strategy, especially in the age of the “Attention Economy” where brands face strong competition for consumer engagement. Mr. Kabus and Ms. Bekanan went on to share how brands can leverage new tools and strategic frameworks to meet these new marketplace challenges.

Data-fed, Insight-led: transforming big data into valuable insights

Mr. Kabus and Ms. Bekanan underlined the power of the DXT360™ platform, a comprehensive suite of monitoring and analysis tools helping clients better understand their audiences and competitors. Data from across social, online, and mainstream media is delivered in one integrated, user-friendly platform. So, customers from all industries, including finance, healthcare, automotive, and consumer goods, among others, can tailor dashboards to their unique needs and goals.

During the seminar, Dataxet also introduced the EVO™ (Experience-Values-Offer) framework, a proprietary tool that unlocks new insights by distilling data into the three universal drivers of audience perceptions and intentions. This empowers brands to engage audiences strategically while moving at the speed and scale of the Attention Economy.

“Addressing the challenges of the attention economy requires new tools and approaches,” said Mr. Kabus, “Our next gen products are designed to empower smarter, faster and more strategic decision-making to help clients engage these elusive audiences more effectively.”