Inventor and Entrepreneur Fran Killoway Wins Two Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards


Fran Killoway, founder and CEO of Frasil, has been named twice in the 2021 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards. The awards seek to name and celebrate the most innovative and influential CEOs from around the globe, inspiring others to follow their examples.

Unlike many other business awards that focus on the successes of organisations as a whole, here the emphasis is on the leaders at their helm. Fran Killoway was the outright winner in two categories; Most Innovative CEO of the Year – Australia‘ & Business Leadership and Outstanding Contribution to Technology’.

As the inventor of a life changing piece of communication equipment, Fran is empowering disabled people to live more fulfilling lives and beat isolation, as well as helping them communicate more freely with their loved ones and care providers. Frasil has been developed using state of the art technology that can be adapted to help with a wide range of disabilities, both physical and cognitive. By using a combination of voice recognition, images and symbols, this comprehensive communication platform enables users to express their needs and feelings, and is compatible with Apple and Android devices. Fully customisable according to the unique needs of each user, it enables people to express a range of desires, opinions and needs, such as “I don’t like this television programme, please change it”, “I’m hungry” and “I want to use the bathroom.”

Frasil has provided a lifeline to the families and individuals who have used it so far, including a little girl called Grace who has been given the gift of communication and can now tell her parents how she feels about the world around her.

Fran has been involved with creating, developing and delivering life changing technologies for more than a decade, having previously taken a start up tech firm from Australia to America and getting it licensed. That technology is now with a US Fortune 500 company in the defence industry. Her background encompasses Quantum, AI , ML, DL, anthropology, philosophy, psychology, sociology and linguistics and she has worked extensively in research methodologies, strategy and market direction. She is already a multi award winner, and these latest accolades from Business Worldwide Magazine are further testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to making the world a better, more inclusive place.