H3C Launches the Digital Tour 2021 in Malaysia with a Focus on Application-Driven Data Centers


H3C, a leader in digital solutions, has officially commenced the H3C Digital Tour 2021 in Malaysia. The annual virtual event introduced the company’s latest Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution, H3C Application-Driven Network 6.0 (AD-NET 6.0) Solution, which includes AD-Campus 6.0 for campus scenario applications, AD-DC 6.0 for data center scenario applications and AD-WAN 6.0 Solution for Wide Area Network (WAN) scenario applications. Furthermore, the event aims to assist global partners in achieving higher levels of digital transformation in line with the evolving needs of the modern digital economy.

Themed “Digital Future · We Together”, the H3C Digital Tour 2021 aims to build an open and collaborative platform for industry leaders and experts to take part in cutting-edge technology discussions, while bringing H3C’s latest ICT solutions in a variety of areas. With the goal of enabling digital Malaysia with intelligent connectivity, H3C has officially launched the key solution, AD-DC 6.0 Solution at the virtual event. The all-new industry-leading solution addresses the networking challenges of Malaysian enterprises using data centers, while bringing a lower total cost of ownership, stronger security, higher performance and better experience compared to the previous version.

Speaking during the H3C Digital Tour 2021 in MalaysiaGary Huang, H3C’s President of International Business and Senior Vice President, said, “Malaysia is the strategic market for H3C. The country is consistently prioritising digital initiatives in their economy. The efforts undertaken have become a new driver of development in Malaysia. Having cooperated with global customers and partners, H3C continues to have keen insights into vertical industries and improving the digitalization and intelligence of our solutions. By accelerating the construction of digital infrastructure, boosting the digital transformation of traditional enterprises and enabling the industrial intelligent application, we will be together to share the benefits of the digital economy and create a better digital future.”

The AD-DC 6.0 Solution gives simplicity, with end-to-end automation from computing resources, network to service, making it a “One Architecture for Multiple Scenarios” device. Besides that, it also brings intelligence, supporting Interspan telemetry while leveraging AI to complete the closed-loop of information processing. According to H3C, it has also improved in terms of convergence, making it a unified platform for management, control and analysis for enterprises. Micro-segmentation and service chain ensures the data center security with controller HA design makes the business much more stable and trustworthy while delivering higher performance.

The future of data centers will rely on the cloud, hyper-converged infrastructure and more powerful devices. It needs to have strong reliability, higher efficiency, safer security and constant evolution of data centers are typically a top priority. Many enterprises are pushing their capacity out in digitalising in order to provide a better service. H3C plays an important role in assisting these enterprises to complete their quest by providing a series of products and solutions to upgrade their infrastructure, making data center operations more efficient.

Additionally, H3C has also launched the AD-WAN 6.0 Solution, claiming it as the industry-leading SDN solution for WAN networking. The traditional WAN faces challenges including a surge in bandwidth demand, assurance for core businesses, a potential risk for network security and low efficiency for O&M. The new generation of AD-WAN 6.0 Solution is designed to solve the issues of the traditional version. It not only improves link utilization up to more than 80%, it also efficiently compresses the traffic and improves transmission bandwidth four times using the hybrid link.

With its Resilient Intelligent Routing (RIR), it can distribute traffic steering for faster response and higher reliability, at the same time reducing cost and complexity using a single product for networking and security. The Solution’s higher efficiency for O&M provides data centers real-time monitoring of devices’ performance and link status with their customized dashboard to display preference information. The AD-WAN 6.0 Solution can also detect system failures with its real-time alarm and provide users quick access to abnormal information, displaying application traffic and health score to optimize network resource allocation.

Rockies Ma, Country General Manager of H3C Malaysia commented on the flagship products and solutions launch, “Data centers are already evolving from a centralized, locally-operated infrastructure out to the cloud—using public and private cloud providers, colocation and more. As 5G enables hyperconnectivity, organizations will rely even more on edge devices in their data centers. Following the Malaysian government’s plans of Industrial Revolution 4.0, we strive to expand our partner ecosystem by deploying our latest technologies such as the AD-DC 6.0 in supporting our Malaysian enterprises to speed up their digital transformation.”

Since the first version of AD-DC 1.0 was released in 2014, H3C has successively launched 2.0, 3.0, 5.0 and the latest AD-DC 6.0 Solution. With mature, stable and various features, it has helped more than 1,400 customers across industries accelerate their digital transformation. Malaysia is the first station of H3C Digital Tour 2021. Following this virtual event, the H3C Digital Tour 2021 will be hosted in other key markets including Russia. H3C is committed to supporting more clients to accelerate digital transformation and boost business agility amid the rapidly changing market conditions.



Promoting Win-Win-Win Collaboration, H3C Initiates Channel Kickoff 2021 in Russia


H3C, a leader in digital solutions, held the third leg of the annual H3C Channel Kickoff 2021 in Russia, under the theme of Moving your business forward. Hundreds of local partners and industry representatives joined the virtual event.

Living in an age dominated by technology, H3C takes full advantage of its digital infrastructure ability in compute, storage, networking, and security to help worldwide customers and partners drive digital transformation across diverse industries. In Russia, H3C has cooperated with nearly 100 H3C Certified Partners and Service Partners, conducted more than 100 tests, and developed over half-hundred of successful cases.

Russia is a key strategic market for us with many promising prospects. Today, Russia is in a critical period of vigorously promoting digital transformation. We look forward to bringing H3C’s profound industry insights and rich experience to Russia,” said Gary Huang, President of International Business and Senior Vice President of H3C.

“Together with its partners, H3C will work to facilitate the development and interconnection of telecom, public sector, energy, transportation and other sectors, which will help boost the construction of ‘Smart Cities’ and ‘Smart Villages’ across Russia. In the next three to five years, we will continue to commit ourselves to providing higher-level digital infrastructure, overall solutions and end-to-end services for the Russian market.”

Russia, with its vast territory and volatile climate, has more stringent performance and reliability requirements for ICT construction. “Leveraging our continuous technological breakthroughs and well-tested experience in China, H3C looks forward to empowering carriers, government, energy, transportation, finance and other sectors to accelerate digital transformation in Russia,” said Yan Kuo, Country Manager of H3C Russia.

“Since entering the Russian market in 2019, H3C has quickly established a large-scale professional local team, and reached extensive cooperation with nearly 100 well-established partners for a complete channel network. It’s glad to see that we’ve been winning a number of projects from some top-level Russian customers, marking that we rise up into the ranks of the leading ICT companies in Russia,” said Yan Kuo. “We will continue to optimize our channel strategy and strengthen relations with our partners. With the enablement of an extensive partner ecosystem, H3C will strive to unleash the full potential of intelligent digital technologies to help our partners achieve the maximum business growth.”

At the Channel Kickoff event, H3C also honored the 2020 Partners Awards to its Russian partners, in recognition of their innovative spirit and in-depth insights into the local market, which greatly promoted the digital transformation of the industry. Five of H3C’s Russia partners received the Top Sales Elite Award, Industrial Market Development Award, Solution Sales Elite Award, Top Service Sales and Delivery Award, and lastly, the Best Collaboration Award.

Upholding a “Partner First” strategy, H3C has always been striving to building an open, collaborative, and win-win-win partner ecosystem in international markets. Since the setoff in Malaysia this February, H3C Channel Kickoff 2021 has been launched in Pakistan and now “landed” in Russia. H3C will work together with overseas partners to build comprehensive digital solutions to help customers tap into the best value of digital transformation and embrace the digital future