Chloris Geospatial : Forest carbon intelligence company sparks to life with $2.5 million investment


Chloris Geospatial, a Boston-based start-up that is pioneering advanced approaches to produce accurate planetary-scale terrestrial biomass accounting, has secured first round seed investment today. Chloris closed the round with a $2.5 million investment from At One VenturesCounteract, and experienced angel sustainability investors.

The company is building a high integrity data platform of carbon stock and change with globally consistent direct measurements, giving its customers the highest possible transparency on the true performance of land assets, from rainforests to managed landscapes.

Launched in February 2021, it builds on almost two decades of innovative remote sensing research and detailed ground calibration by the founding team. Chloris is already capable of providing accurate, reliable measurement of carbon stock and change globally.

Co-Founders are Dr. Alessandro Baccini, a pioneer in the space-based measurement of carbon and biomass for over two decades; Marco Albani, who was the founding director of the Tropical Forest Alliance at the World Economic Forum, and previously a Senior Expert in sustainability at McKinsey & Company; Prof. Mark Friedl, professor of Earth and Environment at Boston University and co-founder of Tellus Labs; and Giulio Boccaletti, formerly the Chief Strategy Officer of the Nature Conservancy and a partner at McKinsey.

Marco Albani, Chief Executive Officer, said: “We established Chloris Geospatial to quickly bring to market data products and platforms that we know are desperately needed at this critical time in the fight against the climate emergency. Our technology can monitor the impact of land management choices on terrestrial carbon storage at speed and scale.”

Alessandro Baccini, Chief Scientist, said: “I wanted to start Chloris to make sure that the best science was injected in what is a rapidly expanding marketplace.

“We need the natural world to help us meet our net-zero commitments. But the data currently available to support that contribution is limited in scale and capabilities. I believe Chloris has the solution”.

Earlier this year, Chloris was recognised as a top innovator in the Carbon Market Challenge of UpLink at the World Economic Forum, based on its ability to enable organisations to “confidently invest in Nature-Based Solutions“.

Browning Environmental are working on behalf Chloris Geospatial.