Broadridge Launches Two AI-Enabled Tools to Optimize Product, Strategy and Distribution Decision Making for Asset Managers


In response to increased demand from asset managers to drive distribution efficiencies and optimize performance in an increasingly competitive environment, global Fintech leader Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc. (NYSE: BR) announces the launch of DistributionAI and Global Demand Model.

“DistributionAI and Global Demand Model are the latest examples of Broadridge’s ability to harness AI-enabled analytics to create innovative solutions for clients,” said Nigel Birch, Global Head of Product, Data and Analytics, Broadridge. “These powerful new technologies are super-charging data analysis and making it much quicker and easier for asset managers to interpret and apply data-driven insights across critical decision-making functions.”

DistributionAI is a digital analyst tool within Broadridge’s Distribution Insight platform, which provides access to unique and proprietary global asset management market intelligence and research reports to help asset managers optimize distribution, product development, and sales and marketing. DistributionAI enables natural language interrogation of thousands of specialist proprietary research documents focused on the themes and trends defining success in the global asset management industry.

Broadridge’s new Global Demand Model measures and analyzes demand for asset management products today and in the future. It tracks over $100 trillion of global assets and delivers a total market view of demand, driven by proprietary data across public and private markets, and retail and institutional channels. Global Demand Model uses next generation AI-driven models to understand the relationship between asset flows and thousands of predictive capital market and macroeconomic features, married with human in the loop (HITL) systems from Broadridge’s team of global experts. The result equips asset managers with more confidence in the analysis of current and future product demand.

Learn more about Broadridge’s AI powered analytics for asset managers here.