Global Millennial Capital Trains AI Algorithm to Assist with Investment Origination Process


Global Millennial Capital, the emerging consumer tech specialist venture capital investor based in Dubai aims to re-think the traditional venture capital investment process, by introducing machine deep learning into its origination process. Millennial AI, a proprietary methodology of Global Millennial Capital, can undertake deep learning analysis of large investment data sets utilizing investment algorithms by way of assigning scores. The initial data set looks at deriving layers of deep analysis as the fund expands the criteria of evaluation to include multiple parameters and sub-parameters to the traditional and linear investment process. The proposed algorithm uses probabilistic classifiers which could represent the likelihood of high potential or high-risk ranking score being defined in line with the fund’s investment strategy.

The Millennial AI, unique positioning makes venture capital investment easy understandable and available to all, by revolutionizing venture capital investment approach and beating investment bias associated with group thinking, relationships versus data science, and experiences.

The fund has completed to date 3 investments to date, originated exclusively from Silicon Valley targeting the business to consumer, scalable models across ed-tech and fin-tech including Blue Studios Inc, Pathbooks Live Your Own Story and Envel. The latest investment of Millennial Consumer Innovation Fund, Envel known under code F-3 4 5 1 featuring unicorn-like investment fundamentals and has been selected out of a data pool of more than 10,000 deals.

Envel, a Boston-based challenger bank calling itself the world’s smartest bank account. The fintech claims to will optimize users’ money by using artificial intelligence which integrates with one’s bank account in a record time of 40 seconds. It then uses user data to automatically adjust account splits and friction, organizing a user’s income into four main divisions. These include capital for savings, contingency for emergency expenses, bills, and spending for guilt-free use. The fintech also offers more generic features such as bill splitting, money pools, and spending limits.