Goldpac Group Successfully Passes the CMMI V2.0L5 Certification to Meet the Highest Standards in the Global Software Field


Recently, Goldpa Group Limied (3315.HK) successfully passed CMMI L5 certification, which represents the highest level of maturity and difficulty in the international evaluation of software development capability. This marks Goldapc has reached to a new height in the process organization ability, software R&D ability, project management ability, program delivery ability, and can provide users with more mature industry solutions and better quality and efficient service. This is also an important milestone for company in the standardization and systematization of R&D.

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration), is the international authoritative standard for the industry to measure the maturity and project management level of enterprise software R&D capability, and is an important international evaluation measure of enterprise software development and delivery capacity. The CMMI 2.0 version is the latest version of the CMMI. By early December 2020, only 53 companies (including 28 Chinese companies) had passed the level 5 evaluation of CMMI 2.0 version. CMMI capability maturity model covers 21 process domains and is divided into 5 levels. The L5 is the highest level of the CMMI system, representing the company’s software ability has achieved optimal management level, that is, the company can achieve the quantitative feedback of the software development process and the continuous improvements in new ideas, new technologies.

As a reliable provider of Fintech products and services, Goldpac has always attached great importance to the systematic construction of R&D management. Since 2014, Goldpac has passed CMMI L3 level certification. In recent years, the R&D management system has been continuously improved, laying a solid foundation for rapid response to customer needs and high quality products and services providing to customers. In the future, Goldpac will continue to leverage the CMMI L5 management system to optimize the company’s software R&D and management capabilities, continue to deepen independent innovation, improve product development quality, improve internal management efficiency, enhance core competitiveness, and meet the needs of the user market with better quality products and services, to provide strong support to the company’s long-term sustainable and healthy development.