Trexity™ and CANATRACE™ partner to screen all drivers for COVID-19 symptoms


Trexity™ today announced a new partnership with CANATRACE™. This partnership will help to ensure all drivers on the Trexity platform are screened every day for COVID-19 symptoms before they are allowed to deliver packages for merchants.

“Ensuring the safety and health of our drivers and merchants is our top priority,” says Alok Ahuja, CEO and co-founder of Trexity. “By screening our drivers daily for COVID-19 symptoms we are taking the necessary steps to protect our community.”

Screening is now active in the Trexity driver mobile app and works as follows:

  • A screening questionnaire is presented to the driver the first time they try to log into the app every single day.
  • All drivers must answer all questions in order to proceed into the app in order to receive delivery requests.
  • In the event a driver’s answer poses a health risk, they are unable to continue onto the platform and are not able to accept any deliveries.

“We’ve been working with thousands of businesses from coast-to-coast in providing CANATRACE™ as a free, simple, and digital way to collect and manage contact tracing data.  Partnering with Trexity represents a true industry first by integrating our service directly in their app, and furthers our mission in #KeepingCanadiansSafe” says Asif Khan, Founder & CEO at GroundLevel Insights.

About Trexity: Trexity is a same-day on-demand local delivery technology platform for online and bricks & mortar businesses. Our platform enables businesses of all sizes to deliver physical product in near real-time to their customers by harnessing the collective of our driver community. The Trexity delivery platform supports single delivery and multi-stop requirements allowing our customers to scale their businesses faster — while not gouging merchants with extra fees or subscriptions.