Guotai Junan Securities’s mobile app wins five awards of 2020 China Securities Industry App Junding Award


Guotai Junan Securities’s mobile app Jun Hong (Jun Hong App) has won five awards of the 2020 China Securities Industry App Junding Award unveiled on last Friday for recognition by investors, comprehensive service, digital operation team, wealth management service, and investment consulting service.

As one of the most attention-drawing securities industry awards in China, the 2020 China Securities Industry App Junding Award attracted nearly 70 securities companies to join the competition. During the winner selection process, comprehensive evaluation by experts, data evaluation, and online voting were conducted to assess securities apps’ from such aspects as industry influence, products, risk control level, public reputation.

The Jun Hong App has developed more than 100 practical functions based on its monthly iteration and improvement of services through sci-tech innovation. It has also crafted 18 functions around the five core scenarios of stock picking, stock diagnosis, tape reading, trading and service to assist clients with their investment in the current trading season.

The average usage time of Jun Hong App since the start of this year has increased by more than 30 percent compared with that in 2019, with monthly active users of nearly five million.

Relying on its user journey map and an industry-leading operation index system featuring user awareness, acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and refer, Jun Hong App continues carrying out strategy and scenario-based digital fine operation.

In the future, Guotai Junan Securities will use artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies to make Jun Hong App’s products, operation, management and service more digitalized, precise and intelligent.