The Operating Revenue of GWM in 2022 Exceeds CNY 137.3 Billion


On February 2, GWM released Preliminary Earnings Estimate of 2022: GWM achieved a record high in the operating revenue. With the 137.351 billion CNY in 2022, it has exceeded 100 billion CNY for the fourth year, while the 8.279 billion CNY of the net income attributable to shareholders shows a year-on-year increase by 23.09%.

In the complex and ever-changing environment in 2022, GWM has still achieved record highs in revenue and overseas sales, substantial growth in profits, continuous optimization of product mix, and brand premiumization, keeping in a sustainable and healthy trend.

The overseas sales of GWM also made a record high. The 173,200 units sold overseas in 2022 shows a year-on-year increase by 21.28%. The “ONE GWM” global brand strategy announced in 2022 will continue to promote the expansion of its global market.

In 2022, the upgrading of the product mix and the increase of the brand value are remarkable. The average price per unit by 128,700 CNY shows a year-on-year increase of 20.8%, with the sales ratio of models above 200,000 CNY increasing to 15.27%. The penetration rate of intelligent models has reached 86.17%.

The excellent product mix comes from the investment insistence in strong technology R&D. Under the longstanding principle of over-investment in R&D, GWM aims to achieve the complete ownership of the core technology. The real strength of the “Technology GWM” will continue to be consolidated to build a more solid forest ecosystem and inject new energy and intelligent technology into more models.

In the new energy field, GWM continued to advance pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen technologies, ushered in the first upgrade of the intelligent DHT, and launched more than 10 new energy products such as the HAVAL H6 PHEV, WEY Coffee 01, and some new models of ORA. As the accelerating intelligence in the field in 2022, the sales of vehicles equipped with Coffee Intelligence exceeding 200,000 units, and the cumulative mileage of the Coffee Intelligence assisted driving system exceeding 25 million kilometers.

In 2023, by putting more focus on the main channels of the auto market, GWM will be more user-centered to directly meet their needs with a comprehensive renewal. Over 10 more new energy products are expected to be launched throughout the year.

GWM will further promote the transformation of the marketing system, by focusing more on superior resources and strengthening strategic coordination. Especially in terms of brand strategy, it will deepen “ONE GWM” for comprehensive remodeling. In 2023, the company will continue to take technology as the base to steadily improve product strength, and stimulate system efficiency with innovation, trying to sprint for the annual sales target of 1.6 million units.