HarperCollins presents JUST KEEP BUYING: Proven ways to save money and build your wealth by Nick Maggiulli


Just Keep Buying answers the biggest questions in personal finance and investing, providing proven ways to build wealth right away.

Current Bestseller in the Wealth Management category on Amazon USA

Paperback | Non-fiction| Business| 296 pp | Rs 399

“The first time I read Nick Maggiulli’s writing I knew he had a special talent. There are lots of good data scientists, and lots of good storytellers. But few understand the data and can tell a compelling story about it like Nick. This is a must-read.”
– Morgan Housel, bestselling author of The Psychology of Money

Releasing 16th May 2022 | Available Wherever Books Are Sold

Author, Nick Maggiulli says, “I wrote Just Keep Buying to dispel the many myths that we’ve been told about our finances. Myths surrounding saving, debt, market timing, and much more. Rather than relying on belief and conjecture, my work utilizes the best data and evidence available to help you better manage your money.

However, despite my focus on data, the book is not overflowing with dull spreadsheets and boring statistics. Instead, it’s filled with stories and anecdotes from my life and from around the world. It’s accessible to the point where your grandmother could read it. In fact, my 75 year-old grandmother did read it, and she understood the vast majority (>70%) of the material.

If you want a book that will help you rethink your finance life, check out Just Keep Buying today.”

Sachin Sharma, Executive Editor, HarperCollins India, says, “Nick Maggiulli brings the perfect balance of data and finance for his readers. Just Keep Buying breaks all the stereotypes that most personal finance experts have been feeding us with for many years. Nick breaks down every aspect of money that concerns our daily lives in a simple yet profound manner, providing us with the right knowledge to act smarter and live richer. We are excited to be publishing this book!”


HarperCollins presents ‘Looking for the Enemy: Mullah Omar and the Unknown Taliban’


HarperCollins India is thrilled to announce the publication of the keenly anticipated book by investigative journalist Bette Dam – Looking for the Enemy: Mullah Omar and the Unknown Taliban – to be released on 15 December 2021. Previously published in Dutch in 2019 to global acclaim, this is the English edition of the book being published for the first time. Necessary reading for our times, given the evolving geo-politics in the subcontinent with Afghanistan and its takeover by the Taliban being in the headlines, this book, now available to preorder on Amazon, is sure to provide readers with an inside perspective on the workings of the Taliban.