Indonesia embraces digitalization for greater traffic management efficiency


Hikvision provided an innovative AIoT solution to the Indonesian traffic police, which has helped to improve the traffic violation management efficiency, and maximized road safety and traffic flows.

The challenge: Inefficient traffic violation management in busy, densely populated cities

Indonesia is one of the largest economies and the fourth most populated country in the world. What’s more, its most densely populated regions, such as Jakarta and South Sumatra, endure extremely high volumes of highway traffic every day.

Many of these densely populated regions are suffering from chronic congestion due to growing numbers of vehicle along with traffic violations and accidents. Even worse, the lack of a smart video system was causing a lot of manual work. This problem fell primarily on the traffic police, who had to keep eyes on each camera present in their assigned areas to drivers violating traffic laws. In addition to this, when police spotted a driver violating the rules, they had to manually note down the vehicle number and file a report. This process was a huge burden to the traffic police department as it required 24/7 monitoring and excessive amounts of manpower. It also resulted in many human errors with traffic ticket handling and administration.

To raise awareness of safety and to reduce the number of traffic violations, Korlantas, the traffic department of the Indonesian police force, decided to implement its Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement, or ETLE. Erwin Aras Genda, Chief Executive of ETLE in South Sumatra, said: “With ETLE, traffic violation detection will rely on a smart video system, and the ticketing process will be digitalized, which makes violation management more efficient and effective. To achieve this, the first step is to install smart traffic cameras.” After researching several options, they deployed Hikvision’s intelligent traffic solution.

The solution: Intelligent traffic cameras with customized algorithms integrated with the official e-ticketing platform

To address the country’s ticketing problems, Hikvision developed customized algorithms to identify the most common kinds of traffic violations handled in Indonesia. Violations that the system can pick up include running a red light or stop sign, wrong-way driving, improper lane usage, illegal parking, motorcycle overloading and riding without helmets, odd-even plate violations, speeding, unfastened seatbelts, and using a cell phone while driving, among others. Hikvsion’s intelligent traffic cameras provide these AI analytics.

9 MP ANPR Intersection Violation Capture Units (iDS-TCE900-A/16) and 9 MP IR ANPR Checkpoint Capture Units (iDS-TCV900-AI/25) were installed at the busiest intersections and checkpoints in the most populous regions, including Jakarta and South Sumatra. These artificial intelligence-enabled smart cameras identify and process traffic violations, classified by the algorithm. The high-definition violation evidence then gets safely stored in Hikvision’s Hybrid SAN systems.

Next, Hikvision’s HikCentral video management system integrated the traffic department’s official electronic ticketing system provider. Traffic images captured by smart traffic cameras and stored in the Hybrid SAN systems are fed into the e-ticketing system. After this, the system provider conducts video analysis and automatically issues tickets as traffic violations occur.

The benefits: Embracing digitalization for greater efficiency and transparency

With Hikvision’s intelligent traffic solution, the traffic violation ticketing process in Jakarta and South Sumatra has been digitalized and automated, making the administrative management process more efficient and effective throughout the ticketing process, as well as assisting traffic units in administrative management. The current electronic ticketing system has proven to be much faster than conventional ticketing, reducing the time spent in issuing a traffic violation and making it possible for traffic officers to spend more time patrolling and less time checking video footage and completing paperwork.

In addition, artificial intelligence improves the accuracy of the tickets issued, minimizing disputes between citizens and traffic officers due to human errors. With higher automation and less manual work, the system is now more transparent, and the issue of human errors has been reduced considerably.

Jakarta and South Sumatra have been the first regions to implement the ETLE system. Erwin Aras Genda commented: “With the help of the intelligent traffic solution from Hikvision, ETLE has been successfully implemented in South Sumatra. Digitalization of the ticketing system has facilitated speed, convenience, and transparency of the ticketing process. The success of this project is encouraging more and more Indonesian cities to implement the system.”

Moreover, this project has provided a peek into what AIoT can do for traffic management. “As AIoT becomes an increasingly fundamental technology for effective traffic management, cities are embedding artificial intelligence-enabled smart cameras at interactions, along city streets and other areas of traffic concern,” said Stephen Shi, Project Director at Hikvision Indonesia, “By analyzing data from those cameras, modern cities will be able to digitalize traffic management, and manage day-to-day operations much more efficiently. By successfully implementing ETLE, Hikvision has contributed to the digitalization of the country’s traffic management while setting an example of what AIoT can do for traffic management.”


Game, set, and match: How the UAE’s premier sports complex is protecting fans with an advanced security system from Hikvision


To protect 1.7 million visiting sports fans each year, Zayed Sport City – the largest sports complex in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – has deployed a site-wide security system from Hikvision. Incorporating more than 670 integrated cameras, the solution reduces workloads and costs with cool AI features, while also providing super high-resolution imaging to boost security across the site.

The challenge: the need for high-resolution and automatic video security

Zayed Sport City, which has been recognized as the UAE’s number one sports destination, welcomes more than 1.7 million sports fans each year. The site incorporates a stadium, ice rink, bowling center, tennis center and a range of other sports facilities.

With such large numbers of people moving around the site, there is always a chance that accidents and other incidents could occur – potentially putting visitors to the complex at risk.

The key to preventing accidents and keeping sports fans safe is to effectively keep track of all areas of the complex during sports events, and to respond quickly if anything goes wrong. But with many hundreds of cameras needed to provide full coverage of the site, the resulting video streams are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to be processed manually.

As an additional challenge, the sports venues and facilities need to keep an eye on very large spaces, often with very high ceilings. This means that high-resolution security cameras are needed to provide clear imaging at significant distances, with cameras often mounted high up on pillars, posts, or ceilings.

To address these challenges, Zayed Sport City needed a security and safety system that could protect all areas of the site – without the excessive workloads associated with manual approaches.

The solution: a multi-functional, stadium-wide security system from Hikvision

To maximize visitor safety, Zayed Sport City has deployed a site-wide security system from Hikvision. This incorporates all the cameras and control room equipment needed to protect the site, 24-hours a day.

The solution incorporates around 670 Hikvision cameras with different functions and types that were deployed during two major project phases. These are being used to protect all of the sports venues and facilities inside the Zayed Sport City, as well as spectator seating areas and parking areas.

As well as offering high-definition imaging (with 2- and 4-megapixel resolution across the Hikvision bullet and PTZ camera fleet), selected Hikvision cameras also offer on-board AI capabilities to automate key security tasks.

One example of this is license-plate recognition (ANPR) technology built into cameras in the stadium parking areas, which are increasing security and supporting efficient parking operations. AI capabilities also allow the security team to search back through video footage much more quickly and easily when investigating accidents and incidents.

All Hikvision cameras have been integrated into the Zayed Sport City Video Management System.

The benefits: improved safety, efficiency and scalability for site security management

With the Hikvision solution, many routine security tasks can be handled automatically, reducing the risk of missed incidents, speeding up responses, and reducing staff workloads and costs.

Khalid Al Mutawa, Director of Operations for Abu Dhabi Entertainment Company, the company that manages and operates Zayed Sport City, says, “Streamlining our processes with this system has allowed us to work more efficiently. The automated security alerts and the HD Video help us to respond quickly and work with peace of mind.”

Increased operating efficiency

With the ability to search through video footage quickly and easily to investigate accidents and incidents, the security team is achieving major time savings compared with reviewing video manually.

“The Hikvision system’s AI features are very valuable in investigating incidents and it reduces the time required by our staff significantly,” says Khalid Al Mutawa. “This frees our security team up for our core activity: keeping visitors safe and ensuring that the complex is secure at all times.”

Effective, efficient AI security at an affordable cost

The fact that Hikvision cameras use onboard AI capabilities has made it cost-effective for Zayed Sport City to deploy the latest security technologies quickly, across the entire site.

Additionally, new AI capabilities – such as the ability to locate and help unaccompanied minors or to count people to prevent crowding – can be added cost-effectively in the future, with no need to replace existing control room equipment or software.

Seamless integration with the Zayed Sport City VMS

All elements of the Hikvision security system could be integrated seamlessly with Zayed Sport City’s chosen VMS. This minimized deployment cost and risk and is ensuring that all elements of the solution work in harmony to protect visitors to the stadium.

“It was critical for us that cameras and other equipment deployed in phase 1 and phase 2 would integrate easily with our currently used VMS, with no compatibility issues,” says Khalid Al Mutawa. “Hikvision offered a fast and easy solution, and full coverage of the site was installed on time.”


Hikvision unveils its digital showroom, bringing a new virtual experience to customers worldwide


Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, today announced the launch of the online Hikvision Digital Showroom. The showroom allows customers to explore core technologies, flagship products, and trending applications of Hikvision through a new virtual experience on the web.

“Digital communication is becoming a long-term trend and is profoundly changing our marketing strategy, platforms and content,” said Keen Yao, Vice President of Hikvision. “We are very happy to unveil the digital showroom, and to interact with customers and partners in more direct ways.”

With the showroom, leading technologies, products and solutions from Hikvision have been presented in creative and interactive ways, bringing new experiences to visitors. Selectable topics and a stereo content structure make information searching quite easy, and since it’s online, people can visit at any time and from any place. The showroom will be continuously updated, enabling customers and partners to get all the latest information they need to design security systems, boost their business, and more.

“We will actively embrace changes and explore more digital means, such as live online webcasts, creative social media interactions, and online community marketing. All the while, we’re continuing to create high-quality digital content, build efficient digital marketing platforms, and deliver values of our products and solutions to customers,” said Yao.

To discover more about the Hikvision Digital Showroom, please follow the link here.


Hikvision releases full-year 2020 and first quarter 2021 financial results


Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, has released its full-year 2020 financial results. In 2020, Hikvision generated a total revenue of RMB 63.50 billion, having achieved a year-over-year (YoY) growth of 10.14%, and net profits attributable to shareholders of the company was RMB 13.39 billion, reflecting a YoY growth of 7.82%.

Hikvision has also disclosed its financial results for the first quarter of 2021, with a revenue of RMB 13.99 billion, representing a YoY increase of 48.36%. Net profits attributable to shareholders of the company in the first quarter was RMB 2.17 billion, representing a YoY growth of 44.99%.

In 2020, Hikvision further expanded its investment in R&D, with a spending of RMB 6.38 billion. The R&D expense ratio has continuously increased over the past few years, from 7.62% in 2017 to 8.99% in 2018, 9.51% in 2019, and 10.04% in 2020.

Technological innovation has been the key area of focus driving the successful development of the company, and Hikvision will continue providing more innovative technologies, products and solutions to help increase safety, operational efficiency and sustainability in communities, companies and global societies.

As new external uncertainties emerged in 2020, Hikvision worked closely with partners and suppliers globally to maintain stability and integrity in its supply chain, enhance its intelligent manufacturing processes, and optimize delivery efficiencies, as well as ensure reliable business development.


Hikvision completes major enhancements to its HikCentral Professional integrated security software


Hikvision launched newly updated HikCentral Professional 2.0 security software (“HCP 2.0”), which blends feeds from multiple systems onto a single platform. HCP 2.0 can be configured to link video security devices, alarm and access control systems, and more, including third-party systems through the OpenAPI – for easy centralized management of a variety of security and business applications.

Frank Zhang, President of Hikvision’s International Product and Solution Center, said, “This is an important release for us, and a significant leap forward in our security management software offerings. HikCentral Professional 2.0 will help our customers manage a variety of activities seamlessly on one platform. We’re excited to see the value it delivers.”

Nine key applications for numerous business needs

HikCentral Professional 2.0 integrates multiple business and security systems with nine key applications, making it valuable to a wide variety of common security and business scenarios seen in buildings, factories, stores, apartments, and the like.

Among them, video cameras and security alarms are integrated into the platform to deliver fluid live viewing and timely alarm notifications.

Furthermore, access control can be included to assign a variety of access permissions using multiple methods including facial recognition, ID cards, fingerprints, QR codes, and more. HCP 2.0 also allows various personnel such as HR managers to set flexible attendance rules, including schedules for shift work, while delivering full reporting facilities. Additionally, site managers can also employ vehicle management and visitor management applications to streamline entrance management as well as on-site parking.

Users can further rely on HCP 2.0 with intelligent analysis and reporting – an application that collects data and transforms it into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards. This includes flow status, people density and more. For systems management teams, HCP 2.0’s system maintenance application visualizes alarm and device notifications, as well as the full network and device topology for rapid, targeted action in unusual events.

Last but not least, HCP 2.0 lets users deploy digital signage systems to display advertisements and announcements. The software comes with eight pre-installed templates for users to present content optimally. This can be crowd numbers and temperature status in a supermarket scenario, for example.

Creating truly unified systems with enhanced security and greater operational efficiency

With HCP 2.0, users will flexibly unite applications and build a tailored system to match their security and business needs. The unified approach not only creates greater situational awareness of their security environment, it also reduces real day-to-day management resources previously required by disparate systems.

For example, users can integrate visitor management with vehicle management to enhance daily operational efficiency for building facilities. Facility managers can register visitor information into the HCP 2.0 system, and – by linking to an ANPR system – can set visitors to be automatically permitted into on-site parking. Similarly, the system can also pre-authorize visitor access to specific areas of an organization’s premises.

Personalized user experience

HikCentral Professional 2.0 can be tailored to deliver specific information to assigned users. The system comes with three pre-configured roles: “system installation and management,” “security control and management,” and “attendance management.” In this way, HR staff can customize their feed to show employee attendance status, for example, while management staff can monitor security of the facilities. There is also one custom role, which can be tailored to specific needs.

Perhaps most importantly, HikCentral Professional 2.0 features an improved user interface. Users can customize the control panel to suit their viewing preferences, simply dragging and dropping key video and device feeds into the dashboard, adjusting where they sit and how they look.

Dynamic and intuitive user interface

HCP 2.0 also incorporates multiple visualized dashboards that display key security and business insights generated from various applications, facilitating decision-making processes with more accuracy and efficiency.

What’s more, users apply 3D E-maps that vividly demonstrate device monitoring statuses in different locations, and manage instant alerts interactively by clicking and watching associated live videos and other integrated system information.

Easy setup and maintenance

HikCentral Professional 2.0 is easy to deploy and quick to set up for a multitude of projects with single applications. Customers with minimum system requirement of Intel i3-CPU and 8 GB RAM can get up and running with a one-click installation procedure that makes HCP 2.0 setup a breeze. Operations guidance wizards are conspicuously displayed to support users in configuring key applications. In addition, the visualized health monitoring dashboards enable more focused and efficient IT maintenance.


HeatPro Series brings accurate perimeter defense and fire detection to mass market


Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, announced the launch of HeatPro, a new thermal series of cameras designed to provide affordable all-weather deterrent and alerts. It is especially useful in perimeter protection and fire prevention applications.

The HeatPro Series Cameras feature deep-learning thermal video analytics for perimeter protection, and object temperature measurement and fire detection with real-time alarms. Features like accurate human/vehicle classification, visual and auditory alarms for perimeter protection, and speedy temperature exception alarms for fire prevention make them ideal for SMB (small and midsize business) applications.

Perimeter defense with AI

When securing a perimeter, higher accuracy and a low false alarm rate can help reduce operation costs. The HeatPro Series achieves this by developing powerful video analytics based on Deep Learning algorithms, radically reducing false alarms.

The cameras focus on short-range perimeter protection (0-50meters), where they deliver target detection and classification. The use of AI means that the cameras can distinguish between a person and a vehicle. This comes in especially useful when the two targets are close together. Traditionally, they can only be recognised as one ‘target’, but intelligent algorithms mean that they can be detected separately, increasing accuracy.

Thermal cameras are also able to easily locate potential threats in zero visibility conditions, where a conventional camera could not. They do this by detecting the latent radiation emissivity of an object, so not relying on visible light. This means they can operate in all-weather conditions and the darkest night. They also don’t emit light, which means their presence is not obvious, making them useful in scenarios where they need to be hidden.

The HeatPro Series is also designed to be efficiently and quickly installed, with a simple, three-step deployment, bringing setup time down to 30 seconds. Traditionally thermal cameras require specialist engineers to configure and double check, takes both extra time and energy. HeatPro cameras have been designed with installation time and effort in mind – they are simpler to install and so installers can spend more time correctly configuring for optimum operations, and the lowest false alarm rate possible.

Temperature measurement for fire prevention

The HeatPro Series is also equipped with the ability to measure temperature. This process is very useful in a scenario where overheating could lead to fires. The camera can provide non-contact temperature measurement for fast and visible detection. This means that action can be taken earlier, potentially preventing a fire from the very beginning. The camera can trigger a fire alarm faster than a smoke sensor.

The temperature measurement function can also be used to help check any potential overheating issue and troubleshoot problems.

The series contains a number of different models and options, with bullet and turret forms, and Bi-spectrum or single lenses. The cameras can be built into a number of solutions, for instance seamlessly working with NVRs, AX PRO alarm systems, and even Hik-Connect for real-time mobile alerts by phone. They can be used in various scenarios – not least: residential buildings, offices, construction sites, car parks, retail outlets and warehouses.

“Dedicated to bringing professional protection solutions to the mass market, these cameras provide perimeter protection with unparalleled accuracy, and fire detection with superlative sensitivity”, says Stefan Li, Director of Thermal Products at Hikvision. “Hikvision HeatPro Series provides professional protection made simple.”