Hohem iSteady V2 Won the 20th Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record (Global)


The 20th Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record awards was announced on November 26, 2021. Shenzhen Hohem Technology Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Hohem) won the 20th Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record (Global) for its product iSteady V2 and the product’s patents in innovation, design, and utility.

The 20th Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record (Global) review and release event officially launched on April 28 of this year. A total of 144 companies participated from over 32 industries, including new materials, biological medicine, and artificial intelligence. Over 200 projects were submitted. Among them, 147 were science and technology product development projects, 25 production and manufacturing projects, and 28 modern service industry projects. 11 of the reported projects won the Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record at national, provincial, or municipal levels. These projects have won 86 Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record, 15 Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record (Guangdong), 86 Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record (China), and 13 Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record (Global) in all. 138 companies and 188 projects were shortlisted after the initial review.

There are two outstanding features of the projects submitted this year. First, there are many original innovations on which companies own their independent intellectual property rights. Among the 188 candidate projects, 124 were granted with patents, which accounts for 65.9% of the total number of projects, and shows outstanding independent innovation ability from these companies. Second, the results in major technologies are outstanding. Some of the companies not only independently developed new technology, but their products are produced with a high level of technology.

Hohem iSteady V2 is a smartphone stabilizer featuring a folding design and AI visual sensors. It has a built-in AI sensor and real-time object tracking and shooting for users to capture an objects’ position. The ultra-simplified single MCU, a new generation of smart stabilization algorithm, combined with improved motor control program to ensure its stability; updated Bluetooth hardware and APP, while improving the stability performance, can be used for wireless remote shooting and simplifies the APP, greatly improving the users’ experience in different circumstances. It is the first of its international counterparts to win the 20th Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record (Global).

Moreover, Hohem has an extraordinary record all over the world,  in addition to its domestic innovation track record. Hohem accounted for half of the top 10 overall best-sellers across Amazon Germany, FranceItalySpain, and other Amazon websites with its products during the 2021 Amazon Black Friday event. Some of the products were even Amazon’s best sellers.

Hohem was incorporated in 2014, dedicated to the development of high-performance intelligent image stabilization systems and providing revolutionary smart stabilizer products with superior performance and user experience. The company has successfully launched a variety of stabilizers for smartphones, sports cameras, professional DSLR cameras, and other smart imaging devices. The vast number of outstanding products, both domestic and international, keeps users in mind. Millions of users use Hohem across over 50 countries.