The China International Big Data Industry Expo 2023 Kicks off in Guiyang


The China International Big Data Industry Expo 2023, also known as the “Big Data Expo,” commenced on May 26th in GuiyangGuizhou Province. The opening ceremony saw an impressive attendance of approximately 1,300 participants from both domestic and international backgrounds.

Centered on the annual theme “Integrating Digital and Real Economies, Unlocking the Future with Commuting Power,” this year’s Big Data Expo showcases the significance of “Creating Value through Data, Driving Innovation for the Future.” The event has successfully attracted 328 leading industries, enterprises, and businesses from 50 countries and regions, underscoring its global reach.

Spanning three days, the Expo offers a diverse range of activities including conferences, exhibitions, product launch ceremonies, contests, and business negotiations. The program encompasses seven high-level dialogues centered around topics such as “Eastern Data, Western Computing,” “Artificial Intelligence Super Models,” and “Digital Economic Innovation and Prosperity.” Additionally, 21 forums will explore subjects related to “Deepening Integration of Digital Economy and Real Economy” as well as “Data Element Circulation and Value Realization.”

The Expo is dedicated to promoting international partnerships, embodying professionalism, and meeting the market’s needs. To achieve this, the event features six main thematic pavilions that introduce global connections, mega-projects for data clusters, the digital industry, industrial digitization, creative scenarios, and digital lifestyle. These pavilions provide a multi-dimensional and multi-perspective platform for showcasing the industry’s latest technologies, products, solutions, and applications.

The Expo will also unveil 20 outstanding technological advancements, carefully selected from a pool of 357 counterparts. Meanwhile, four competitions centered around the applications of scenario industrial Internet and data-based scenarios will be held. Numerous other activities will revolve around business and commercial negotiations.

Since its inception in 2015, the Big Data Expo has consistently held its position as the world’s first expo dedicated to big data. It has actively embraced global changes and operated as a national-level event with a strong industry focus, effectively leveraging the potential of enterprises. By tapping into new mechanisms for international cooperation in the digital economy era, the Expo aims to provide China’s innovative solutions for global big data advancement. Ultimately, its mission is to boost the global development of big data.