Schillings invests in ‘Hush’, the AI privacy start-up, to continue the campaign for privacy online


Schillings, a leader in crisis management specialising in reputation, privacy and security, has announced its investment in Hush, the US-based Artificial Intelligence privacy start-up.

As pioneers in privacy law, Schillings is committed to investing in tools to give individuals and businesses better protection of their privacy while embracing the opportunities offered by the online world.

Hush is on a mission to turn down the volume on the availability of personal data online, with technology enabling members to ‘Hush what the internet knows about you’. Members are able to track their digital footprints and remove personal information, allowing them to protect their private information online.

On the investment, Allan Dunlavy, Partner and Digital Communications lead, commented:

‘The online world we live in, and specifically the Big Tech companies who dominate it, continue to make it more difficult for us to protect our personal data and decide who has access to it: this has enormous implications for privacy, reputation and security.

Hush shares our concern about the privacy risks that arise out of the uncontrolled proliferation and exploitation of our private data online and are taking cutting-edge steps to respond to this. We’re excited to be partnering with Hush in the fight for privacy in our digital-first world.’

Mykolas Rambus, CEO of Hush, commented:

‘We are pleased to receive this investment from such a prestigious leader in crisis management and privacy law. We believe in creating a world where the internet doesn’t put people at risk, but unlocks human potential. This additional funding will empower us to enhance our premium privacy service so we can continue to help our members tackle the most complex digital privacy issues they are faced with today.’