Sentiance enters the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia market in partnership with iDRIVE


Sentiance is pleased to announce the collaboration with iDRIVE as our first partnership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

iDRIVE is the leading solution in the field of smart mobility and the first car sharing company in Saudi Arabia. Different from other car-sharing companies, iDRIVE owns their vehicles, they offer the newest models to meet people’s different needs. Their vision is to offer affordable transportation for people in Saudi Arabia, moreover, car sharing is an aid in protecting the environment and saving money.

“We are excited to use Sentiance’s motion intelligence technology for iDRIVE to improve driver safety and reduce accidents in KSA and the whole region. With this shared vision, we look forward to bringing our user experience and social impact to the next level.” said Imran, ex-Careem and co-founder of iDRIVE.

“I connected with Imran, from the first moment that we met. He is an expert in the mobility space and is a true visionair on driver safety. We immediately saw the collaboration potential for Sentiance and iDRIVE.  I am excited about our partnership moving forward, and we will definitely learn valuable industry insights from iDRIVE too.” said Gilles Praet, Regional Business Development Manager Middle East at Sentiance.