Infinite Launch Disrupts Crypto Market with Diamond-Hand Features


Infinite Launch has unveiled a disruptive and user-centric launchpad for both Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and nonfungible token (NFT) projects which provides much-needed assistance for users regardless of their position or resources.

“As experienced people in the crypto market, we saw the potential for growth of the launchpad industry. However, currently, the market has numerous pain points that hinder every stakeholder to make the most of it. Project owners can’t reach long-term investors, while investors are also struggling with getting whitelisted for the IDO and frequently miss their chances to multiply their financial assets. Therefore, with a strong belief that every stakeholder should benefit from the launchpad, we created Infinite Launch with the most innovative IDO allocation mechanism.

Under our mechanism, investors always have their chances to get guaranteed IDO allocations if they are able to show the willingness to support the project in the long-term by committing to locking away the token they are going to buy for a longer period of time. Spontaneously, this mechanism will also bring long-term token holders for the project, as well as mitigate the pump & dump schemes upon listing to some extent,” says Henry V., Co-Founder of Infinite Launch.

A breakthrough creator in the crypto industry

Infinite Launch’s platform offers a unique IDO allocation mechanic that not just protects its token value, but also for the projects’ tokens launched on Infinite Launch, and at the same time, accelerates the growth of investors.

This allocation process is done through the division of the total allocation amount under two pools for two different user types – the Infinite Army and the ILA Tier, with 20% going to the former and 80% to the latter. While ILA Tier users are those who earn an allocation slot thanks to their high number of token locking, the Infinite Army are normal users who succeed in showing their dedication towards the launchpad and the project, thereby being granted a slot for the IDO allocation.

In addition, Infinite Launch will hand-pick projects available for investment on its launchpad, in which they have to pass a list of strict qualifications, ranging from the quality of crew members to the development stage of its core product. This acts as a layer of protection for users and opens their doors to a world of unicorn projects going beyond just “potential” or “development” projects as offered by the other launchpad.

A popular NFT marketplace with exclusive collaborations

Infinite Launch also cares about the small but emerging segment of crypto users who are creators and artists. The platform decided to integrate the NFT marketplace for artwork showcase and trading, offering a way to accelerate artists’ revenue but also enable crypto traders to catch up with the latest NFT trends in the market.

The Infinite Launch marketplace is a platform offering rewards and privileges based on users’ trading volume including membership rank upgrade from C to S with varying benefits ranging from trading fee reduction (of up to 30%), free artwork airdrop, invitation to exclusive events, and an opportunity to double their allocation slot to multiply receivables.

Despite being newly launched, the marketplace has a considerable number of traders thanks to the heat of Bony Bastards. It is an exclusive NFT collection formed through a collaboration between the launchpad and renowned artists across the world to celebrate Halloween. This collection marks a record with more than 100 NFTs purchased every minute in the first few hours following the launch, and the entire collection of 8.887 items (0.1BNB each) were sold out in nearly a day.

Bony Bastards NFT also offers holders exclusive privileges:

  1. Enter a lucky draw ticket to get early access to three upcoming projects IDO on Infinite Launch in November, including Farmer World, The Wasted Lands, and Champ Force.
  2. The chance to receive a giveaway special Bony NFTs
  3. Bonus APR when staking ILA token on Infinite Launch
  4. Free token and merchandise airdrop from partners in the future

Bony Bastards itself is an exclusive collection, but each NFT item in the collection also has its own rarity ranking. Based on different features of the NFT (background, accessories, or appearance of each Bastard), they are categorized into different levels of rarity resulting in different levels of benefits and privileges.

A verified and popular platform

Infinite Launch received international recognition with an audit completed by SOLIDProof. The brand has also helped more than 20 Ask Me Anything sessions, and garnered over 35 strong partners, community, and influencer networks including Crypto Differ, Exnetwork, GGG, Maven, Lotus, Kernel, Chain, Averse, Phoenix Newtribe, IBA, Basics, X21, BCA, DCI, BlockSolFi and Vietnam Blockchain Capital.

The company also has a strong following of more than 80,000 members on Telegram and 57,000 followers on Twitter.