Infosys and NVIDIA Collaborate to Help World’s Enterprises Boost Productivity with Generative AI


Infosys (NSE: INFY), (BSE: INFY), (NYSE: INFY), a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, and NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) today announced that they have expanded their strategic collaboration with the aim to help enterprises worldwide, drive productivity gains with generative AI applications and solutions.

The broadened alliance will bring the NVIDIA AI Enterprise ecosystem of models, tools, runtimes and GPU systems to Infosys Topaz – an AI-first set of services, solutions and platforms that accelerate business value using generative AI technologies. Through the integration, Infosys will create offerings customers can adopt, to easily integrate generative AI into their businesses.

Additionally, Infosys plans to set up an NVIDIA Centre of Excellence, where it will train and certify 50,000 of its employees on NVIDIA AI technology to provide generative AI expertise to its vast network of customers across industries.

“Infosys is transforming into an AI-first company to better provide AI-based services to our clients worldwide. Our clients are also looking at complex AI use cases that can drive significant business value across their entire value chain,” said Nandan Nilekani, Co-founder and Chairman, Infosys. “Infosys Topaz offerings and solutions are complementary to NVIDIA’s core stack. By combining our strengths and training 50,000 of our workforce on NVIDIA AI technology, we are creating end-to-end industry leading AI solutions that will help enterprises on their journey to become AI-first.”

“Generative AI will drive the next wave of enterprise productivity gains,” said Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO, NVIDIA. “The NVIDIA AI Enterprise ecosystem is ramping quickly to provide the platform for generative AI. Together, NVIDIA and Infosys will create an expert workforce to help businesses use this platform to build custom applications and solutions.”

Full-Stack NVIDIA Integration Powers Advanced Infosys Solutions

Infosys uses the full-stack NVIDIA generative AI platform, including hardware and enterprise-grade software to innovate across its business operations, and it is helping customers create generative AI applications for business operations, sales and marketing.

With NVIDIA AI Enterprise frameworks, pretrained models and toolkits — including the NVIDIA NeMo™ LLM framework, NVIDIA Metropolis for computer vision and NVIDIA Riva for speech AI — Infosys has already developed multiple AI-first enterprise offerings across industries. These include:

  • Integrating the Infosys Video Analytics platform with NVIDIA Metropolis, which brings the power of computer vision to address retail industry challenges, including creating frictionless shopping experiences, improving merchandising and planogram compliance, reducing shrinkage, monitoring inventory, extracting real-time intelligence, checking compliances for health, safety and more, as well as for logistics, manufacturing and utilities.
  • Pairing Infosys Generative AI Labs with the NVIDIA NeMo framework, which enables organizations to fine-tune and fast-track deployments of large language models tailored for a wide range of enterprise use cases, providing a cost-effective and easily scalable platform. Using NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails, Infosys is augmenting its Responsible AI Toolkit to build powerful intelligent practices to safeguard against the potential risks of generative AI, such as IP infringement, bias and toxicity, hallucinations and security threats.
  • Using Infosys Cortex with NVIDIA Riva speech and translation AI, Infosys is developing AI-driven next-generation contact center solutions. These include language neutralization features for seamless multilingual support as well as equipping contact center representatives with real-time customer intent and sentiment analysis tools to enhance customer satisfaction and foster brand loyalty.

The collaboration extends to digitalization applications, with a focus on developing solutions for enterprise use cases across 3D workflows, design collaboration, digital twin, world simulation and others.

Infosys and NVIDIA are also co-developing AI-powered solutions in areas like 5G, cybersecurity and energy transition.


Infosys and The Economist Group Announce Ambitious New Strategic Partnership Around Sustainability


Infosys (NSE: INFY) (BSE: INFY) (NYSE: INFY), a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, and The Economist Group, a leading global media company, today announced a new strategic partnership designed to enable and accelerate sustainability solutions and drive world-changing impact through a new business-to-business model.

With less than ten years to deliver on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, businesses and institutions must take the lead in balancing our human aspirations with the planet’s ability to sustain them. This aspiration has driven Infosys and The Economist Group to join forces to create the necessary climate for change. This initiative is designed to unlock the long-term thinking of businesses and other institutions, combining insights, innovation and influence, to address the most challenging sustainability issues facing our planet today.

The first phase of the strategic, multi-year partnership will be announced and launched in October 2021. It will combine Infosys’ groundbreaking digital services and capabilities with the strength and depth of The Economist Group’s global policy research, insights and events expertise.

By leveraging their collective strengths as two organisations with a shared commitment to sustainable business practices, the partnership will see The Economist Group and Infosys advance sustainability dialogue and inspire action towards creating a better, more sustainable world.

Lara Boro, CEO, The Economist Group, said: “A sustainable future will depend on creative collaboration. This exciting partnership with Infosys shows how pooling strengths can accelerate innovation and amplify impact in the pursuit of progress.”

Salil Parekh, CEO, Infosys, emphasized: “At Infosys, our focus is to serve the preservation of our planet by shaping sustainability solutions which are driven by insights that inform, experiences that immerse, and platforms that drive action. We take great pride in leveraging the power of digital technologies to drive global business transformation. As a digital innovation partner, we are delighted to catalyze progress by supporting The Economist Group to enable global sustainability stakeholders and accelerate the agenda for global businesses towards a better, greener future.”


Infosys and LivePerson Announce First-of-its-Kind Partnership to Drive Customer Experience Transformation for the World’s Biggest Brands


Infosys (NYSE: INFY), a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, and LivePerson, Inc. (Nasdaq: LPSN), a global leader in Conversational AI, today announced a new 360° partnership to help brands manage AI-powered conversations with consumers and employees over SMS, web sites, apps, and the messaging channels they use every day. The partnership will enable brands to unlock higher growth by combining Infosys Cobalt, a platform and set of services to accelerate an enterprise’s journey into the cloud, with LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud, a complete set of applications and APIs for creating and managing conversational experiences.

Infosys is investing in and scaling a service practice to take to market and support LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud, as well as assisting LivePerson in the transformation of its technology infrastructure on the public cloud to address the growing demand for conversational experiences. Eighty-five percent of consumers now report they want to message with brands to make purchases and get help. The key areas this strategic partnership will focus on include:

  • Direct-to-consumer conversations on consumers’ preferred messaging channels — including Apple Business Chat, Google’s Business Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and brand websites and apps — for marketing, sales and fulfillment, and customer service
  • New messaging experiences for employees to support business continuity, HR, finance, and IT queries, drafting off Infosys’ strength in transforming these functional areas within large enterprises
  • The cloud, conversational AI, digital consulting, and global delivery services to build, run, integrate, and scale immersive experiences for brands

Conversational experiences consistently demonstrate higher business performance compared to traditional voice and digital, making them powerful additions to Infosys Cobalt, trade marketing, e-commerce, and contact center solutions. In fact, brands already using LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud have seen results including up to 20 percent increases in average order value and customer satisfaction scores, up to 10x online sales conversions versus traditional web sites, and 50 percent lower labor costs and agent attrition.

“Together with Infosys’ transformational services and cloud capabilities, we can redefine how the world’s major brands communicate with consumers and engage their employees,” said Rob LoCascio, CEO and Founder of LivePerson. “Our Conversational Cloud includes a full set of APIs and integration points that Infosys can help architect and weave throughout a large enterprise’s systems and processes to generate the maximum sales impact and cost savings from conversational experiences. LivePerson will benefit from Infosys’ partnership by continuing to scale our Conversational Cloud to meet consumers’ growing demand for these experiences.”

“We are excited to embark on this strategic partnership bringing Infosys Cobalt’s services to act as a force-multiplier for LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud. We plan to leverage LivePerson in the mission critical business processes of our clients to improve the user experience for their customers, channel partners, and employees,” said Karmesh Vaswani, EVP & Global Head Consumer, Retail & Logistics, Infosys. “I’m confident that we will jointly innovate and deliver insight-led omnichannel customer experiences for enterprise brands to create new revenue models, realize savings, and achieve faster time to market.”


Tennis Australia and Infosys Reimagine Digital Experience for Australian Open Virtual Audience

Infosys (NYSE: INFY), a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting and the Australian Open’s Official Digital Innovation Partner, this year is applying technology to enhance tennis experiences for those onsite and those unable to attend in person.

Using digital as an equaliser to bridge the physical gap, Infosys and Tennis Australia are opening up new possibilities by leveraging cloud, AI, 3D virtual experiences and mobility. The innovations are envisioned to alter the sporting normal well beyond the current Grand Slam and represent a shift towards placing digital at the core of the tournament to elevate immersion, passion, brilliance and experience for those on court and across the globe.

“The past year has accelerated the need for meaningful digital engagement between the Australian Open and its fans, players, coaches, partners and the media. Our focus this year is delivering new digital experiences and insights that are accessible for everyone involved, regardless of where they are currently located,” Ben Slack, Chief Revenue Officer, Tennis Australia said.

“Having Infosys on board as our digital innovation partner for the third year running has allowed us to optimise engagement with all our stakeholders, not only our fans, players and coaches but our broadcast partners and sponsors as well. Despite access restrictions this year the team has excelled, enabling us to continue delivering new and improved digital experiences for this year’s tournament.”

The focus for the Australian Open (AO) is to innovate across the entire stakeholder ecosystem in the following ways:

  • Immersion in analytics: 3D Court Vision allows individuals to watch tournament matches in an animated form, with data overlay for each shot. From speed to spin to serve placement, every detail of the game is available at a click of a button. Infosys uses Hawk Eye data to animate each shot in near real-time and empowers fans to analyse the game from any vantage point in the stadium.
  • Furthering fan passion: A new AO Virtual Slam experience transports every fan into the Rod Laver Arena. 3D court views and data simulate the experience of playing at the AO, letting fans be a part of the glory. An enhanced AO Fan App will also deliver richer content and personalised journeys based on their interest areas, while guided navigation helps fans find their way within the new Melbourne Park zones set up due to COVID protocols.
  • Sensing brilliance on court: In the dedicated AO player and coach app, the AI Video Analysis feature brings new intelligence to the hands of all players and their teams, regardless of rank. The AI tool allows precise player and opponent assessment, be it the technique behind winning backhand drop shots or handling volley shots in long rallies. With many players’ full teams unable to attend the tournament, this feature allows coaches to provide guidance remotely from anywhere across the world by sharing live strategy notes in the app.

For the AO media team, AI Shot of the Day uses machine learning to rapidly identify match highlights, using multiple data points that are objective (such as fastest serve) and subjective (player emotion, crowd reaction and cruciality of the shot in context to the match).

  • Reinventing the guest experience: A 3D AO Virtual Hub has been developed to overcome physical restrictions for partners and sponsors, who are integral to the AO business model. Powered by Infosys Meridian, the Virtual Hub is a premium experience for partners to access exclusive events, behind the scenes tours, tennis clinics, legend interactions, master chef sessions, live performances, 360 match viewing and more. It is expected to host over 12,000 VIPs across the globe during the tournament.

Andrew Groth, Senior VP and Regional Head at Infosys Australia and New Zealand, said, “As we know the pandemic has forced many organisations to change tack and adapt quickly. Through our ongoing partnership with Tennis Australia, the AO has been able to seamlessly meet the changing needs of their audience while continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible with new digital experiences.”

“We are so proud to be working with Tennis Australia for a third year running and excited to bring new dimensions of the AO to fans, partners, players, coaches and the media. Our work with the AO this year is a clear demonstration of the power of data and AI, and its ability to bring people closer, no matter the physical distance.”


Infosys InStep Ranked as the ‘Best Internship Program’ Three Years in a Row


Infosys (NYSE: INFY), a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, today announced that its flagship global internship program, InStep, was ranked number one in the ‘Best Overall Internship Program’ category in the 2021 Vault Internship Rankings published by—a career intelligence organization. Infosys is the only global organization to have received this ranking three times in a row.

InStep also earned the first rank in the following categories:

  1. Best internship for the Tech and Engineering industry
  2. Best Internship for Quality of Life, Compensation and Benefits, Employment Prospects and Quality of Assignments
  3. Best Internship by role for Computer Science, Software Development and Software Engineering
  4. Best Internship for Overall Diversity

According to Vault’s survey, interns who completed the InStep program mentioned that their top three reasons for choosing the program were career advancement in their chosen industry, networking opportunities, and availing international opportunities.

While announcing the rankings, the Editors at Vault said“The InStep internship program held the top spot for an unprecedented third year in a row. InStep interns gave their programs rave reviews, saying the best parts of their programs included the fantastic people, talks with leaders, interesting projects, ability to make a genuine impact, focus on self-development and new technologies, and continuous mentorship throughout the course of the internship.”

In the wake of the global medical crisis, Infosys InStep is being conducted in a hybrid model this year, with most interns working remotely throughout the course of the program. Infosys InStep has brought together the power of digital platforms and learning tools to ensure the safety of interns and deliver on its commitment to provide them the best learning experience, across geographies. To ensure a seamless interface with project managers, interns have been given access to a customized virtual platform. They also have access to virtual experiences such as live leadership talks, hackathons, networking events, and webinars, ensuring holistic learning throughout the program.

Pravin Rao, Chief Operating Officer, Infosys, said, “As the world adopts new ways of working amid these unprecedented times, Infosys remained committed to delivering an engaging learning experience for students across geographies. This recognition reflects our commitment to provide meaningful opportunities to nurture young talent and build a pool of industry-ready workforce of the future.”

Pawan Sinha, Professor of Vision and Computational Neuroscience, MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Director, MIT-India Program, said, “MIT students who have undertaken internships at Infosys have invariably told us about how impactful the experience was. It gave them a glimpse of cutting-edge R&D and data analytics in a highly collegial and collaborative environment, while being immersed in an incredibly rich culture. For many, it was a transformative experience and one of the highlights of their MIT journey.”

Gonzalo Garland Hilbck, Vice President, Strategic Global Partnerships, IE University, said, “IE University and Infosys have been academic partners for close to a decade now and it gives us immense pride to work with them in their initiatives. Infosys has shown great resilience in the current uncertain global environment, honoring their commitments to the students and the entire academic community, and this has been very inspiring. The internships they provide not only focus on work experience but we witness how students come back enriched by a completely immersive learning experience. We look forward to continuing working together in this partnership with Infosys, and also to explore other co-creative opportunities for the benefit of education.”

Dr. Campbell Wilson, Associate Dean (International) of the Faculty of IT and AiLECS Lab Co-director, Monash University, said, “Congratulations to Infosys on InStep being recognized as the world’s number 1 internship program. Our partnership with Infosys has enabled our students to explore exciting digital careers, and we look forward to building on this collaboration as we continue to nurture the next generation of digital talent in Australia.”

A fully paid internship, InStep provides interns an opportunity to work on real-time projects across corporate functions and business units which includes Financial Services, Strategic Engineering Group, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity to name a few. Over 186 students from 19 countries and 75 universities joined the InStep FY 20-21 program.