InSilicoTrials and AchilleS Vaccines Join Forces to Create Next-Generation Vaccines and Monoclonal Antibodies against Infectious Diseases


InSilicoTrials and AchilleS Vaccines have announced a strategic alliance that aims to unite visions, skills, experiences, the multidisciplinary collaboration network and interested institutions to accelerate the transition towards a complete realization of “biopharma 4.0” concept with a specific focus on vaccines and monoclonal antibodies against infectious diseases.

The collaboration will build on InSilicoTrials’ existing platform and its InSilicoVaccine Suite to create vertical products based on modified Outer Membrane Vesicles (mOMV). mOMV is a technology already used by AchilleS Vaccines with significant advantages for product development, including large-scale and cost-effective production. It has also demonstrated good tolerability and high immunogenicity in humans, making it an attractive candidate for personalized vaccines.

The partnership will allow AchilleS Vaccines to leverage the wide range of in silico tools provided by InSilicoTrials, among which the Immunogenicity Risk Screen tool, a computational solution that predicts the potential risk of immune responses to new protein sequences. It enables the evaluation of potential immunogenicity risks of new protein sequences in silico, without the need for animal testing, which can accelerate vaccine development and create safer and more effective vaccines.

“We are excited to collaborate with AchilleS Vaccines to develop vaccines that can make a real impact on patients’ lives,” said Luca Emili, CEO of InSilicoTrials. “Our in silico platform and tools have the potential to accelerate the development of new vaccines while reducing the need for animal testing.”

“Since the birth of our company we have dreamed of carrying out a preclinical development of a vaccine or a monoclonal antibody while minimizing waste, which is why the LAB 4.0 project was born. We are now excited to partner with InSilico Trials to take this concept further and extend it to the point where we can simulate the entire biopharmaceutical development chain from lab, to animal testing, to clinic, while dramatically reducing related risks,” said Riccardo Baccheschi, President and CEO of AchilleS Vaccines.

The collaboration agreement between InSilicoTrials and AchilleS Vaccines represents a significant step forward in the development of personalized vaccines that could transform the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.