Genie Showcases Traffic Analytics Solution at Network Automation Congress 2022


Genie Networks was featured at Network Automation Congress 2022, India’s major network automation event for CSPs which attracted more than 150 industry visionaries and experts to discuss the prospects of network automation and 5G adoption in India. As a Silver Partner of this exclusive event, Genie Networks delivered a fascinating session about leveraging intelligent traffic analytics and end-to-end visibility for 5G network optimization.

In the 5G era, network automation plays an essential role as it enables CSPs to deliver new 5G and edge services faster at lower cost. 5G’s high throughput, massive connection rates and low latency features, as well as its support of differentiated QoS by network slicing fuels the trends of various online applications such as streaming, gaming, and web conferencing. Without end-to-end visibility across all the network layers into these new applications, CSPs lack the insights needed to automate, and hence optimize performance to deliver a premium 5G experience for their customers.

During the tech session, Genie presented its top-line traffic analytics solution (GenieAnalytics with DeepTrace) that ensures pervasive visiblity across the network infrastructure and monitors end-to-end service delivery including traffic associated with OTT, CDN, and subscribers. “With Genie’s solution, CSPs no longer need to rely on legacy monitoring appliances or DPI-based solutions that are costly and complex,” said Jacob Chiang, Chief Technology Officer of Genie Networks. “Operators can easily get critical insights through at-a-glance, visualized analytics on complete traffic delivery paths, service consumption patterns, and subscriber traffic behaviours.”

Genie’s session attracted significant interest from the crowd, which involved top technology vendors like IBM, HPE, Fortinet, etc., and key Telco players such as Airtel, Reliance Jio, and Vodafone Idea. A delegate from one of the Telcos commented, “By now, we are fully aware of how impactful network automation and traffic visibility are for modern CSP operations.” As an expert in carrier-grade solutions, Genie is ready and thrilled to help more CSPs in India fast-pace their journey to 5G automation and optimization.