Juan Gabriel Gomia Salas of Frogames Formacion wins 2023 Business Worldwide Magazines Global Corporate Excellence Award


Juan Gabriel Gomia Salas, CEO of Frogames Formacion, has been named ‘Best CEO in the European E-learning Industry’ in the Business Worldwide Magazine 2023 Global Corporate Excellence Awards.

The awards shine a spotlight on the relentless pursuit of excellence in the corporate world; recognising companies and their visionary leaders who have demonstrated unwavering commitment to innovation, ethical standards, and outstanding performance. By acknowledging these achievements on a global stage, the awards celebrate success and encourage others to follow suit, fostering a culture of excellence that transcends borders and industries and ultimately propels the business world towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

Award-winning Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas is a visionary and driven mathematician who has made a significant impact in the fields of education and technology. With a background in both Mathematics and Education, he possesses a strong academic foundation that he has leveraged to transform the way people learn. He co-founded Frogames in 2020 with his partner María Santos, who now leads the technical aspects and supports Q&A for the organisations’ students.

In 2022 Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas embarked on a more personal project, Frogames Formación. The platform allows Frogames to charge a fair price for its work, incorporating a social network for students, organising courses by topic and difficulty, and even offering blockchain certificates upon course completion. It has already matured into a versatile platform with multiple business models, including individual course purchases and subscription-based learning paths. The goal is to become a reference in the Spanish learning market and reach the top, the team is also exploring expansion into other languages in the future. The aim is to make the learning adventure as enjoyable and accessible as possible, with courses for all ages – parents can take courses to help their children, and older people can update their mathematical skills to use with new technology, AI or machine learning.

While there are global marketplaces and local platforms offering similar courses, Frogames differentiates itself by focusing on quality and outcomes. Blockchain certifications are issued through reputable partner Accredible, and students are provided with ongoing support including monthly live sessions.

Frogames Formación has emerged as a trailblazer in the world of online education, driven by a commitment to offering high-quality, accessible learning experiences.  For further information on the full range of specialist online courses available,

Please visit the company website: https://cursos.frogamesformacion.com/