KELA today announced that it has partnered with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to launch its technical intelligence data on Snowflake MarketplaceKELA’s Technical Cybercrime Intelligence availability on Snowflake Marketplace will enable joint customers to get near-instant, seamless, and secure access to potentially compromised IPs and domains involved in cybercrime activity.

Commenting on the partnership, Itsik Kesler, CTO, said: “Our Technical Cybercrime Intelligence capability will benefit Snowflake customers by providing them with the ability to automatically detect and monitor potentially compromised IPs and domains involved in cybercrime activity. This actionable threat intelligence enables defenders to identify and neutralize cyber threats that they were previously unaware of in real-time, proactively informing them of potential assets used by attackers, and ultimately protecting their organizations from the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.”

KELA and Snowflake are working together to help joint customers remediate potential risks proactively and improve their threat-hunting capabilities by monitoring the latest compromised network assets that can be exploited by threat actors for their next cyber attack. Such assets can be abused to serve as an attack infrastructure, for example, as a C2 server, or as an attack vector, such as phishing attacks. The technology continuously collects posts, images, and other information in various formats from the cybercrime underground, analyzes it to detect potentially compromised assets based on context and source credibility, and shares the information with users via Snowflake’s API in a structured, machine-readable format.

KELA’s Technical Intelligence automatically extracts and collects potentially compromised IPs and domains involved in cybercrime activity in cybercrime sources such as closed forums, illicit markets, automated cybercrime shops, instant messaging channels used by criminals, and more. This intelligence is available to consume via Snowflake as machine-readable data and can be easily integrated into security appliances.

Joint customers can now leverage KELA’s Technical Intelligence on Snowflake Marketplace, allowing them to benefit from seamless integration with security solutions, comprehensive coverage of a wide range of cybercrime underground sources, real-time updates on compromised IPs and domains, and the ability to contextualize intelligence by gaining a deeper understanding of the intelligence source and how the asset was compromised.

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An award-winning cybercrime threat intelligence firm, KELA’s mission is to provide 100% real, actionable intelligence on threats emerging from the cybercrime underground, to support the prevention of digital crimes. Our success is based on a unique integration of our proprietary automated technologies and qualified intelligence experts. Trusted worldwide, our technology infiltrates hidden underground places and thoroughly monitors, hunts, and mitigates digital crimes to uncover real risks and allow proactive protection. KELA’s revolutionary solution arms you with highly contextualized intelligence, as seen from the eyes of attackers, thus enabling the elimination of blind spots and proactive network defense. For more information, visit For more information about KELA’s Technical Intelligence, visit