StormGeo launches Strategic Power Routing to maximize fuel savings for shippers


StormGeo, the leader in weather intelligence, ship routing and fleet performance management solutions, announced today the launch of Strategic Power Routing—a service that optimizes the power output of a vessel in varying weather conditions to enhance overall fuel efficiency and reduce emissions without compromising arrival windows.

When a vessel meets adverse weather conditions, such as high significant waves, strong wind, and currents, it must output more power and thus consume more fuel to maintain its speed and revolutions per minute (RPM). Strategic Power Routing takes weather conditions into account and combines it with statistical speed loss calculated by vessel type. It then recommends an RPM that stabilizes power and fuel consumption, rather than allowing them to spike.

“We have been working closely with our customers to develop Strategic Power Routing for nearly a year. The trial results have been extremely successful, and we are seeing our trialing customer achieve significant returns on investment,” said Kim Sørensen, COO of StormGeo Shipping. “These are very exciting times as many of our customers are already expressing interest in this solution, which proves we are moving in the right direction.”

Rolf Reksten, VP Route Advisory Services for StormGeo, added, “While developing Strategic Power Routing, our biggest insight has been integrating the statistical speed loss calculations into our weather forecast algorithm. In addition, our algorithm is composed of data being collected from thousands of vessels over many decades, so it is constantly improving. This allows for much more accurate RPM and power advice, enabling the vessel to run at optimal power, reduce fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions throughout the voyage.”

Strategic Power Routing is a key addition to StormGeo’s s-Suite, and is part of StormGeo’s Route Advisory Services. Available starting today, Strategic Power Routing can be easily integrated for existing s-Suite customers or procured separately.