Klaytn lays foundation for Metaverse-as-a-Service with key infrastructure partners


Global crypto adoption has exploded in recent years, increasing by more than 800% between 2020 to 2021. While the majority of the world has yet to purchase their first NFTs, major brands from fashion, tech, entertainment to gaming are recognizing the significance of the metaverse and taking their first steps into the nascent space.

Gaming titan, Netmarble, has released their first Play-to-Earn games on Klaytn this year — A3: Still Alive and Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. Fashion brands such as Gucci, Burberry, Balenciaga and Prada have all launched their own NFT collections, and companies like ALTAVA Group are focused on bringing high fashion into the Metaverse. Asian NFT marketplace East NFT has onboarded popular LGBTQ content from Thai-based Y Series content production houses onto the Klaytn chain.

Aligning with their vision to be the bridge connecting Web2 to Web3, Klaytn Foundation continues to forge key strategic partnerships and collaborations for a Metaverse-as-a-Service model, which will allow Web2 companies, game publishers, content creators and other users to “plug-in” seamlessly into the metaverse.

Speaking on the strategy to transform the Klaytn ecosystem, David Shin, Head of Global Adoption, explained, “We believe that the formation of Web3 will be a collaborative effort. And hence, rather than to build every tool needed by ourselves, we’re tapping into the strength of our allies, and hope to create a cohesive metaverse that will allow any companies, content creators and users to easily climb onboard.”

With that, Klaytn is thrilled to highlight key partners and collaborators of H1 2022 that will help to pave the way for interoperability, decentralization and smooth exchanges in the Klaytn metaverse.

  1. Parity Technologies
    Parity Technologies is a Web3 software development company that created the Substrate SDK, used to develop the Klaytn-Substrate — a sidechain bridged to Polkadot and Klaytn Mainnet. The Klaytn-Substrate will act as an intermediary environment, where collaborative technological, business case, and community initiatives can combine in interesting and synergetic ways. It acts as “canary network” to safely, efficiently, and quickly capture new use cases, new technologies, and provide the community with more options for building great things within the Klaytn ecosystem. [Read more]
  2. Adgorithmics
    Adgorithmics, a Singapore-based AI-enabled e-commerce advertising platform, recently launched an innovative NFT-based incentive and customer loyalty program, called MetaGacha. For every purchase, customers can receive a MetaGacha NFT which can serve as a membership card for exclusive deals, or be used to exchange for vouchers or promotions. Sales agents can also receive NFT for every deal. This can help online merchants to expand their reach and increase sales, while bringing substantial value to customers and agents in the form of NFT. [Read more]
  3. Smart Token Labs
    Smart Token Labs is an Australian blockchain company that has built two highly successful open source products. AlphaWallet is the world’s first 100% open-source wallet and blockchain apps platform. TokenScript combines token and smart contract logic into a standardized interface, creating “Token Layer” functionality that can be deployed in wallets and on websites. The technology builds a pathway to smart token composability, and addresses issues with trust, interoperability, security, and interface seen with current token transactions. [AlphaWalletTokenScript]
  4. Soramitsu
    Soramitsu is a Japanese fintech company with expertise in developing blockchain-based solutions for digital asset and identity management. They are the developer of and major contributor to the open-source blockchain platform Hyperledger Iroha, digital currency for the National Bank of Cambodia, a closed-loop payment system for the University of Aizu in Japan, an identity verification system prototype for Bank Central Asia in Indonesia, and many more. The team is set to work on implementing the first open-source DEX on Klaytn. [Read more]
  5. Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN)
    Klaytn will be establishing an Open Permissioned Blockchain (OPB), the Chongqing Chain, on the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), a multi-chain public infrastructure network that aims to be the standard for all blockchain deployments. Through the development of the Chongqing Chain, it would be possible for Klaytn developers to plug in to the China blockchain network, providing an entry into the massive China market, and vice versa for Chinese developers looking to go global. [Read more]

Nurturing the next wave of metaverse startups to build on Klaytn


F10 and Klaytn Foundation are pleased to announce the first 5 startups that have been selected from over 100 applications to participate in the inaugural Klaytn Incubation Program powered by F10. These startups will spend the next 12 weeks undergoing a transformative journey, to develop their innovative web3 ideas or MVPs in gaming, social and content, into viable businesses for the metaverse.

The program, which kicked-off on 4 April 2022, draws on the unique strength of F10, a global fintech incubator, and Klaytn, a dominant interoperable blockchain ecosystem in the web3 industry.

These startups will receive extensive mentoring, access to investor network, program perks and co-working space, as well as technical development and marketing support from Klaytn, and access to wide ranging tools, projects and expertise on the Klaytn ecosystem.  In addition, F10 will be providing a total of up to USD 500,000 worth of Klay in grants to the startups of 2022.

Jonas Thürig, Head of F10 Singapore noted that “We were very impressed with the quality of the startup applications and are proud to now announce the 5 selected startups in the areas of metaverse, gaming and the creator economy. We are very excited on what’s installed for them and can’t wait to fuel their acceleration with this program together with the Klaytn team.”

“F10 has designed a fully tailored curriculum that combines traditional startup elements with web3 programs and benefits from Klaytn,” said David Shin, Head of Klaytn Global Adoption. “Through supporting startups to succeed on the Klaytn ecosystem, we hope to create more possibilities and greater synergies, to unlock more use cases for the metaverse. For this incubation program, not only will we be lending our expertise and resources in web3, but we’ll also be bringing in other web3 partners to share their knowledge and experiences,” he added.

The 5 startups in the inaugural batch 1 are the following:

1) LevelHeroes (Zurich) Combines the magic of blockchain and metaverse technologies, it intends to bridge the gap between centralized gaming communities to bring them decentralized assets to raise funding for their digital assets in a fun and meaningful way. Users are able to engage with and support their favorite aspects of the project, which gives developer teams feedback into what their fanbase is really interested in. Get ready, LevelHeroes is rising up to bind the ties between the gaming universe!

2) Kryptonium (Singapore) beoble is a social module built by Kryptonium, with API and SDK for Web 3.0. It is an on-chain communication window and a true user-owned Web 3.0 product. beoble aims to help other Web 3.0 services integrate social functionalities like creating social profile, instant messaging, posting of feeds into their services, all within 5 minutes.

3) JOOS® (Germany) Is a decentralized app for content creators. We give them the tools to break the chains of platform dependency and to have a direct connection to their community without intermediaries. With JOOS, creators can have a stable and independent income through regular payments by their fans and sell shares to investors, who get a part of the creator’s profits in return.

4) Y2123 (Singapore) Is an NFT-based blockchain game where you play as a citizen scientist racing against time to save Earth from climate change. Inspired by Zoo Tycoon and Tamagotchi, you will have to restore your Land NFTs to good health by finding the right ecological balance of flora and fauna NFTs on it. There will be 4 habitats released in phases, consisting of Savannah, Marine, Rainforest and Urban. Y2123 has sold out its genesis collection and is launching its land and 2nd generation NFTs in April 2022. Advised by a Pew Fellows marine biologist, we also have a philanthropic mission to aid the fight against climate change in real life.

Currently on Ethereum, with ambitions to build a multichain ecosystem.

5) Dixel Club (South Korea)– Creates non-programmed and user-generated pixel art NFT collectibles where you earn $DIXEL rewards on your PixelFi activities. Dixel Club has three main features. First, anyone can issue the next edition of Dixel Art by sharing the single 16×16 canvas. Also, the NFT minters can earn $DIXEL rewards when a new Dixel Art is generated. Lastly, they can get the $DIXEL tokens that are used to mint the edition back and get the tips received from people when they burn their NFTs.


Klaytn to be blockchain of choice for gamefi and metaverse in 2022


Public blockchain platform Klaytn is gearing up its infrastructure to be the blockchain of choice for gaming, the metaverse, and the creator economy. Developed by internet giant Kakao Corp in 2019, Klaytn has achieved success domestically through integration with the KakaoTalk messenger app. It is also the blockchain platform for the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project with the Bank of Korea, by way of private blockchain deployment.

This year, Klaytn is making an aggressive turn toward the metaverse by tuning the entire platform for metaverse use cases. These include AAA games, play-to-earn (P2E) games, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and supporting defi services for metaverse businesses. Klaytn is well-positioned to succeed in this emerging space given the strength of its 31 Governance Council members in blockchain, social networks, digital assets, gaming, and entertainment.

To pursue this vision, Klaytn will be creating an integrated onboarding process for metaverse builders to easily implement their games and virtual communities on the network. These are some initiatives that will be rolled out this year:

  • Launching a game developer package which includes a set of Klaytn L2 solutions, a curated list of open source tools, as well as a Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Supporting Ethereum equivalence in Q2 2022 so EVM-based dapps can onboard without any modification
  • Community co-building efforts to promote user growth of individual projects
  • Management and financial support for projects with high global potential

Klaytn will also be making the following improvements to the mainnet:

  • Higher scalability by leveraging L2 service chains
  • Enhancements to token management tools and oracle function
  • More reliance on bridges for interoperability with other blockchains
  • Integrating an IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System) gateway for decentralized storage
  • Implementing a smart contract library

“Given the popularity of video games within Korea and the strength of K-culture globally, Klaytn’s vision to be the blockchain of choice for games, especially AAA games, is not impossible,” says Dr. Sangmin Seo, Director at Klaytn Foundation. Prior to joining Klaytn Foundation, Dr. Seo served as the CTO of Ground X, the software development affiliate of Kakao that created Klaytn.

“There is no other blockchain in the world now that is tuned specifically for the metaverse, gaming, and the creator economy. Our vision is ambitious, and definitely achievable. We look forward to seeing the other blockchains catch up with us,” says David Shin, Head of Global Adoption at Klaytn Foundation.