Kunlun Tech Launched The “SkyWork” Large Language Model And Was Selected Into The List of China’s “Next Tens of Billions of AIGC Products”


On the evening of May 23the Chinese technology media outlet 36Kr announced the results of “China’s ChatGPT Dream Team & the next tens of billions of AIGC products”. With its cutting-edge exploration and forward-looking layout in the field of AIGC, Kunlun Tech was selected for the list of “the next tens of billions of AIGC products”.

The emergence of ChatGPT, a phenomenon-level breakthrough product, opened the prelude to the vigorous development of the global large language model industry and the generative AI (AIGC) industry. The Chinese market is also full of competition. Many companies have announced the development or release of large language model products based on their own business and strategic layout.

“SkyWork” was jointly developed by Kunlun Tech and the leading AI team SINGULARITY AI, and was officially start invitation testing on April 17th. This is the first 200-billion-level large language model in China that is benchmarked against ChatGPT. It interacts with users through natural language. Its AI generation capabilities can meet the needs of copywriting, knowledge questions, and answers, code programming, logical deduction, mathematical calculations, etc.

The birth of the “SkyWork” 100-billion-scale model is the result of Kunlun Tech’s long-term technology accumulation. Kunlun Tech started to lay out the AI music field in 2020, launched the MusicX lab in January 2022, and reached the best effect in the field of artificial intelligence in April 2022. In the same year, Kunlun Tech expanded from AI music to multi-modal AI and reached a comprehensive technical strategic cooperation with SINGULARITY AI in the fields of tens of billions of language models, image AIGC, and programming AIGC. In December 2022, “Kunlun SkyWork” officially released, and its AI generation capabilities have covered content modalities such as images, music, text, and programming.

Judging from the current release version of “SkyWork”, it can support text dialogues of more than 10,000 characters at most, achieve more than 20 rounds of user interaction, and achieve a high level of output in various question and answer scenarios. Higher quality among similar products. SkyWork has been reported by many domestic and foreign media, including international media CNBC, with its outstanding ability.

Kunlun Tech is a leading Internet platform company in China, with an average monthly active user of nearly 400 million, and overseas revenue accounted for 78%. The business is mainly related to content and social networking. With the rapid progress of technology, AGI will come sooner.

SOURCE Kunlun Tech