Let’s Talk Data at NetBase Quid Live Europe


NetBase Quid, a global leader in consumer and market intelligence, today announced the speaker line-up for NetBase Quid Live Europe, a two day event with industry experts, thought leaders and practitioners to realize the full potential of continuous consumer and market intelligence on 7 and 8th of July, 2021.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from industry experts highlighting the strategies and tactics to understand the value of consumer and market intelligence for your business, hear how successful brands utilize data-driven insights to their strategic advantage and have a virtual front seat to cutting-edge technology and solutions. Topics will include how to identify unmet needs for new ideation and thought leadership, integrating data and technology with communications, marketing and business strategies, the future of consumer and market intelligence and how to transform insights into strategy roadmaps.

This year’s featured speakers include:

  • Heather Kernahan, Chief Executive Officer, Hotwire Global
  • Krista Neher, Chief Executive Officer, Boot Camp Digital
  • Jillian Ney, Founder, The Social Intelligence Lab
  • Dieu Ly Tran (Ly), Research & Intelligence Analyst, Lufthansa Innovation Hub
  • Razi Imam, Founder & CEO, 113 Industries
  • Frederikke Haider, Consumer and Market Intelligence, L’Oreal Nordics
  • Bob Goodson, President, NetBase Quid

A full list of speakers and detailed agenda can be found here. Interested attendees can also register for free for this year’s event.

“Continuous consumer and market intelligence has become indispensable this year as brands and consumers have embraced online in new and creative ways,” said NetBase Quid Chief Marketing Officer, Paige Leidig. “At this year’s event, there’ll be no shortage of brand success stories, expert insights, and ‘how-to’s’, ensuring that you’re keen to the latest and greatest in  finding the best insights to drive your business.”

Apart from these virtual sessions, registered attendees gain access to presentation decks, session recordings, dedicated time for Q&A with speakers and learn about the latest advancements and tools in consumer and marketing intelligence.

NetBase Quid Live Europe is free to register, and the full schedule is available online now. For more information, visit https://netbasequidlive.com/europe/.