MiFinity integrates Cryptopay, a new cryptocurrency solution!


MiFinity, the global payment provider, today has announced the roll out of Bitcoin, BitCoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin as additional funding and withdrawal options within the MiFinity platform. The solution is powered by Cryptopay, a 3rd party cryptocurrency payment service provider that enables Bitcoin, BitCoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin holders to convert cryptocurrencies real time into Fiat currency. The equivalent Fiat or cash amount is then credited to the users eWallet. This balance can then be used to fund transfers to Merchants or consumers real time. Furthermore, consumers can now also withdraw funds in fiat converted to equivalent value in cryptocurrency from their MiFinity eWallet to their crypto wallet.

This two-way solution will allow all global Crypto users to maintain their ‘wallet’ of choice. This meets the demands of the crypto community and provides additional funding and cashout options to these users. It also enhances the overall MiFinity offering and recognises that crypto is becoming one of the most popular “alternative payment methods” on cashiers across the world. This new payment solution will provide a higher acceptance rate for consumers.

Some key benefits of integrating Cryptopay include:

  • Ability to convert Bitcoin, BitCoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin into Fiat real time
  • Ability to convert Fiat into Bitcoin, BitCoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin real time
  • Extensive global coverage
  • Low fees – no expensive FX conversion fees and charges when settling like for like
  • Provides MiFinity consumers with additional loading and withdrawal options
  • Convenient, fast, secure and seamless across borders
  • Simple to use with customer friendly interface

The MiFinity eWallet is a fast, simple and secure way for customers to perform payment transactions. Enhanced additional local payment options will support deposit, withdrawal and transfer functionality in different currencies across the platform.

We are super excited about this latest payment partnership. This additional payment option, which supports both payin and payouts, will complement the MiFinity payment platform and allow our Merchants to better target their client base with this global solution. This latest product release coupled with the weekly onboarding and rollout of new Merchants onto the platform have helped move the MiFinity offering onto a new level. We fully appreciate and acknowledge the belief shown by our current and future Merchants and payment partners in our product and look forward to the continued roll out and evolution of the platform “, said Kieron Nolan, Chief Financial Officer, MiFinity.


Cloudbet Opens Dogecoin Casino And Adds Litecoin


Cloudbet has introduced Dogecoin and Litecoin on its site after the two coins drew the most votes in a recent survey of almost 10,000 customers about which new currencies to add.

“The people have spoken,” Cloudbet spokesperson Camilla Wright saaid. “We will only add currencies that our customers hold and use: That’s been the central part of our integration philosophy since we opened for business. More new coins are coming soon.”

First-time players seeking the most engaging experience in Dogecoin and Litecoin betting are eligible for a “much generous” welcome bonus of up to 10,000 Doge or 5 LTC.

Dogecoin was started purely as joke fodder, but its 13,000% surge this year has caused crypto and mainstream audiences alike to sit up and take notice. Its more than $80 billion market cap (as of May 5) far exceeds Ford Motor Co. and Twitter. This weekend the self-professed Dogefather, Tesla chief Elon Musk, pushes further into mainstream popular culture, when he hosts Saturday Night Live.

Litecoin meanwhile is up 150% this year. The coin, which is based on the bitcoin protocol, was designed with the aim of lower block confirmation times and fees than bitcoin.

The inclusion of Dogecoin and Litecoin on Cloudbet takes the number of cryptocurrencies supported by the operator to 12. The dozen coins collectively account for more than 80% of the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies.

Born in 2013 (the same year as Dogecoin), Cloudbet embraced blockchain technology to give players privacy and financial freedom like never before. Since then, the site has taken millions of bets, earning a reputation as the most trusted and secure name in the crypto-gaming space.

The operator continues to innovate, having just completed a banner year of new features and upgrades aimed at attracting a more diverse audience to what was once a bitcoin-only product. In 2020, Cloudbet launched a revamped website followed by a record six new cryptocurrencies, esports, politics betting, virtual sports, social bet sharing, and easy credit-card coin purchases.

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SOURCE Cloudbet


Soriano Motori, the first motorcycle company to accept cryptocurrencies as payment worldwide


Soriano continues with its innovative trend and becomes the first Italian motorcycle manufacturer to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method worldwide. New digital ecosystems are taking hold in society and offer new international business opportunities for both customers and sellers.

The Italian brand accepts a wide range of digital currencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BTC Cash, LiteCash or LiteCoin (LTC) to facilitate the purchase of all its customers and that they can have their motorcycle regardless of the currency or their country of origin.

“All our clients will be able to benefit from the great advantages that cryptocurrencies offer. Thanks to digital currencies such as Bitcoin, we can carry out international transactions without commissions or without attending to exchange rate fluctuations, among others,” says M. Soriano, founder of the group and experienced investor in cryptocurrencies.

The luxury sector’s commitment to cryptocurrencies

The two-wheeled vehicle sector, led by Soriano Motori, thus joins companies from other luxury sectors in the commitment to “digital gold.” Although some automobile and second-hand companies had already entered this world in some territories, Soriano Motori became the first manufacturer of motorcycles to accept this method of payment worldwide.

Soriano Motori’s eCommerce store is integrated with the Coinbase cryptocurrency trading platform and an advanced blockchain system that always guarantee the security of transactions.

The three electric models designed by the Italian brand can now be reserved in an exclusive edition of 100 units at www.sorianomotori.com. The V1-R has a power of 58 KW, the V1-S with 58 KW and the V1-Gara with 62 KW and they have a starting price of € 25,500, € 30,500, and € 32,500, respectively.

At the current exchange rate for BTC, the most widely used digital currency today, users could purchase any of the models for a little more than 2 BTC. The customer will always pay the amount according to the value set by the market at the time of purchase. In addition to cryptocurrencies, the firm accepts euros, dollars, and sterling.

Completely handmade design EV motorcycles

The motorcycles are completely handmade and designed. In addition to choosing the color of the chassis, brakes, you can decide the seat material and the sound that your motorcycle carries (Silent EV, Urban EV or Sound of the Future). About half have already been sold in the United States and this first edition is expected to be sold out in the coming months, according to company estimates.

They all feature a duo-flex engine platform, a 20-kWh battery, five gears (plus one reverse gear) and a hydraulic anti-bounce clutch. In addition, the peripheral brakes with which they are equipped stand out. For greater driving comfort and safety in critical situations, its sophisticated front suspension system has a central shock absorber at the height of the steering column.