London BLOCKCHAIN, NFT, WEB3, FINTECH Mega Event Presented by Metaverse Week


An incredible BLOCKCHAIN,NFT,WEB3,FINTECH,METAVERSE mega event rounded up at Canary Wharf Hilton Hotel London, organized by  Metaverse Week & hosted by Kora Events.

The event was crowned by 80+VIP speakers and 500+ enthusiasts in the blockchain, NFT, WEB3.0, Fintech, metaverse space from the UK and around the world. This conference brought together high-profile industry masterminds to discuss different expects and potentials in Metaverse and Blockchain.

The event was organized by Mr. Kabirul Islam (Co-founder, Flaxbit UAB & Vice-President of Metaverse Week), the opening speaker at the event. He is a tech entrepreneur with 15+ years’ experience in telecom, IoT and blockchain. He is building sustainable crypto and NFT ultra-hybrid ecosystem trusted by over 500 partners. FLAXNFT is a revolutionary marketplace on multichain which reduces gas fees for users, community and drives mass adoption.

Mr. Surya Chowdhury (CEO of Shine Academy, Co-founder at Flaxbit) was another co-host of the event and brings a deep technical expertise and innovative perspective for Flaxbit and FLAXNFT’s next phase of growth.

Balbir Judge, Dr. Christina Yan Zhang & Victoria Pallot were the Metaverse & NFT event week hosts which also saw the participation of top-notch industry experts from different sectors within the Crypto and NFT space.

The event’s keynote speaker was the tech pioneer Alan Boyd, who reported to Bill Gates as the 32nd Employee of Microsoft and gave a great talk on the Metaverse. He claimed to “start work in the Metaverse four years before Mark Zuckerberg was born.” Boyd has also launched the world’s first Digital Autonomous Lifeforms (DAULs), AI virtual assistants are “Born on the Blockchain, Live in the Metaverse.”

Also presenting was Alexander Amartei, Irish entrepreneur, Investor, and CEO of Arabian Camels.  Alexander is the producer of Antara – the first major DeFi Hollywood Movie in history financed by tokens and the power of Web 3.

Mr. Surya Chowdhury & Kabirul Islam have come together with their visionary mind in blockchain agnostic “FLAXBIT” cryptocurrency exchange, and they plan to expand its current ecosystem towards trusted crypto economy, Flaxbit is  fully regulated crypto exchange, and easy-to-use platform for accessing the broader crypto economy.

Metaverse Week is a global event bringing together local and international experts in London to shape the future of the metaverse and explore its promise and potential applications within the blockchain space. Tech experts and artists were showing the innovation to build the sustainable Web3.0 NFT market-place for the world.

Panel 1- Top Crypto Investors

The event kicked off with a panel discussion of the top Crypto investors. They discussed various topics like the right time to invest in NFT, exciting areas for investments, and the most important factors to consider when investing. One panel member also mentioned that “raising funds is not difficult in the current bear market.” He elaborated on this by sharing an example of his firm, which raised over $17M in just six months.

Panel 2- Marketing Masterminds

These top-level marketers brainstormed on the difference between web2 and web3 marketing. The panel also opined that community plays a crucial role in marketing. Lastly, the panel recommended hiring young teens with a creative and enthusiastic mindset, as it can be the best pulse for a great marketing strategy.

Panel 3- Creative Heads

This panel discussed exciting topics, including NFT art, Fine Art, Fashion, and 3D scanning. They shared their life experiences of self-funding and how it helped them to achieve immense success.

Panel 4- Entertainment Pioneers

The members asserted that to date, Entertainment was only from one dimension, but due to Metaverse,  Entertainment has changed drastically and is purely multi-dimensional. That said, Boundaries between getting entertained and entertaining are diminishing.

 Panel 5- Web3 & NFT Leaders

The Web 3.0 industry is slowing and steadily gaining the traction of many institutions. To help institutions and crypto enthusiasts to sail in this space smoothly, a panel of Web3 & NFT Leaders gathered and shared their opinions.

 Panel 6: Metaverse

The members of this panel were discussed the sustainable world for metaverse.

Panel 7- Online Safety Professionals

The next panel talked about NFT,  Blockchain, Web3, Fintech, and best Cybersecurity tips. The members believe that as online technology is evolving and the government is taking necessary steps to prevent cyber crimes.

Panel 8- Social Impact/ Influencers

A panel of Social Influencers was next to stage the Metaverse week and shared views on safeguarding, child protection, benefits of Tech in healthcare, Blockchain for good and social impact.

Panel 9- Blockchain Spearheads

Last but not least, blockchain experts headed the next panel discussion, where they talked about Blockchain Development & Smart Contracts and web3 apps.