Macif success: Insurer cuts cost and gains flexibility with Guidewire cloud launch


Over 180,000 quotations, 70,000 contracts, and 300 claims submitted in the first three weeks. French mutual insurer Macif is now using Europe’s leading core insurance platform on the cloud.

Macif has deployed Guidewire InsuranceSuite for their largest business line, Mobility, on Guidewire Cloud. The successful project, which was managed by global digital transformation leader GFT, sets new standards in the industry and brings substantial savings and competitive advantages for Macif.

“This new solution should allow us to go to market faster with new value propositions, and offer more customised solutions to our members through the technical architecture of Guidewire’s products,” says Yann Arnaud, Macif Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer. “In addition, this should improve the quality of our underwriting, policyholder lifecycle tracking, and claims handling, through the intuitive nature of the applications; indeed, their ease of use has surpassed our expectation.”

“We wanted to be able to focus more on our core competency – taking care of our members – and spending less time on managing IT systems,” adds Fabrice Leyglene, Macif CIO. “This cloud solution also makes the white-labelling of our products and services for re-sellers much easier. So this migration directly serves to further our business strategy. And finally, we will be able to integrate relatively easily the most advanced cloud solutions in the market into the various elements of our value chain.”

Emmanuel Naudin, Regional Vice President, Sales – EMEA, Guidewire, added: “This is the largest implementation of Guidewire InsuranceSuite on the cloud in Europe so far. Macif are showing with this that they are at the forefront of technological innovation in the insurance industry. The solution ran very well from day one, and that is a testament to the great collaboration between Macif, our partner GFT, and Guidewire.”

“This was an ambitious undertaking. The magnitude of this cloud implementation is a milestone for Guidewire in Europe. But we knew we could do it, Macif trusted that we could, and by using resources and experts from five countries in Europe and America, we got the job done,” says Mathieu Liabaud, Managing Director GFT France.

Free up resources, focus on core competencies, cut costs

With this step, Macif gains numerous cost and business benefits. Specifically, the benefits are:

  • White-labelling of products or services for re-sellers becomes much easier.
  • The software is maintained and managed by Guidewire, freeing up Macif’s IT department to focus on matters more central to the business.
  • Not requiring on-premises hardware and manpower for maintaining the systems reduces IT spending.
  • The SaaS solution can always be up to date with minimal disruption.
  • The solution is easy to use, giving customer service employees more time to interact with members and build their relationships.
  • New products or services are quicker and easier to launch than with Macif’s legacy system.

Macif’s entire P&C business to be implemented in future deployments

Macif is using Guidewire InsuranceSuite for its policy administration, underwriting, and claims management. The recent migration of Macif’s Mobility business line follows the initial migration of their Fleet business line. All other P&C business lines are scheduled for implementation on Guidewire Cloud in follow-up releases in the next couple of years. For the migration of Macif’s Mobility business line, up to 130 GFT experts from FranceCanadaSpainPoland, and Costa Rica were involved.

This press release is also available for download via the GFT newsroom