Brinc Unveils New Accelerator Programs for Spring 2023


Brinc — a leading global venture accelerator that prioritizes sustainability, inclusivity and equitability — announces the launch of new accelerator programs focused on Climate TechEducational Technology (EdTech), and MedTech & Healthcare, that will commence in Spring 2023.

The new verticals will complement the recently announced ENTERPRISE NEXT program as well as Brinc’s successful FoodTech program and Web3 accelerators (ZK Advancer and The Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator, run in partnership with Animoca Brands and The Sandbox). Applications for the Spring 2023 cohort are now open at:

The three new global Brinc accelerator programs will focus on:

Climate Tech
Covering innovative, scalable approaches to carbon dioxide removal (CDR), this vertical will provide tailored support to a global network of climate tech founders. Brinc will source early-stage founders working on permanent removal approaches, utilization opportunities, and enabling technologies. Support includes connections to relevant mentors and subject matter experts to address challenges such as IP, supply chain, refining their business models and go-to-market strategies, techno-economic/financial/impact modeling, and pitch preparation. Subsequent to the program, startups will receive ongoing support from Brinc’s portfolio team and be connected to a global network of investors.
Investment ticket: US$150,000

Targeting startups that wish to drive impact and tackle education-related problems with use of Web3 technology, this program aims to support the education industry’s game changers. From providing lessons to roadmap assistance, minimum viable product preparation, and offering skills and connections needed to thrive in the space, the focus is on education equitability — particularly if a startup’s goal is to digitalize enhancement of both old and young clients’ knowledge and skillsets.
Investment ticket: US$250,000

MedTech & Healthcare 
Focused on innovative medical and health technologies to improve all aspects of the health industry, especially those that utilize Web3, Brinc’s MedTech & Healthcare program – taught in conjunction with Prenetics – invites founders that are exploring the use of gamification, rewards, and other digital assets in the metaverse to promote healthy living of body and mind. The program also supports startups using Web2 tech, such as wearables and clinical devices, that work towards the goal of making health more accessible, universal, and equitable.
Investment ticket: US$250,000

Recently Launched and Current Programs


New to Brinc’s accelerator program line-up, the ENTERPRISE NEXT program is aimed at accelerating the next generation of enterprise-ready business solutions in or looking to enter India, this program focuses on B2B companies. Targeting startups looking to enable new business models; enhance interactions (particularly with use of Web3); use the blockchain to facilitate faster, more secure transactions; and help others achieve carbon neutrality.

Investment ticket: US$100,000

Tech-driven solutions to solve deep-rooted inefficiencies in the food system and create a more sustainable food supply chain.
Investment ticket: US$130,000

The Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator
For startups contributing to the growth of The Sandbox ecosystem by building unique experiences and populating the platform with fresh creativity and new content.
Investment ticket: US$150,000 in USD equivalent

ZK Advancer
For global blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT) startups that are shaping the future of Web3 and driving digitalization; with potential new-partnership support from Fusang, Asia’s first fully licensed and regulated digital exchange for security tokens and assets.
Investment ticket: US$250,000

Brinc Commentary

Brinc has accelerated more than 150 companies, which boast an average post-program first raise of over US$2.35 million for those successful in subsequent rounds.

Brinc CEO and founder Manav Gupta said: “Spring 2023 will see the introduction of exciting new programs, each of which will contribute to the Brinc ecosystem by promoting inclusivity, sustainability, equitability, or a combination. The new programs have been developed based on timing, necessity, market demand, and the opportunities presented. By casting a wider net for the entrepreneurs we support, securing additional funding, and expanding our network partners, Brinc will spend 2023 and beyond accelerating even more game changers, ultimately helping more people and the planet.”

A maximum of 10 applicants will be accepted for each program, and submissions close on December 30, 2022. Startups looking to catalyze their success by knowing the right people, learning the right lessons, and getting the right funding should pick the accelerator that suits them and apply now.