Trym launches Metrc integrations in 11 new states


Trym, industry-leading cultivation software provider, announced today its integration with Metrc, cannabis track and trace software system, in 11 new states, enabling cultivation businesses to simplify compliance reporting and achieve greater efficiencies and profitability in their operations.

Metrc is the state-selected traceability system in recreational cannabis markets like CaliforniaMassachusetts, and Nevada, and tracks the movement of cannabis plants and products throughout the supply chain. Trym integrated with Metrc in California in 2019 and has perfected its integration and user-experience over the last 3 years.

Trym’s comprehensive compliance offering, paired with its precision agriculture and team management capabilities, is the preferred combination of functionality for cultivation businesses like Cresco Labs, Cookies, and Natura Life Science. By providing a customized suite of features for cultivators, Trym has successfully partnered with premier brands who need more functionality than conventional seed to sale software can provide. At this time in the industry, operators need tools that help them increase profitability amidst growing competition and diminishing profit margins.

“Trym has created a more fluid and efficient means of managing and monitoring nearly every aspect of our plant lifecycles. The platform’s seamless integration with Metrc offers enhanced process flow with minimal room for human error. ” said Andrew Rayl, Director of Compliance – Western Region, Cresco Labs