Deepchecks unveils its open source solution for continuous validation of machine learning with $14M seed funding


Today Deepchecks announced the general availability of its solution for continuous machine learning validation and $14 million in seed funding led by Alpha Wave Ventures with participation from Hetz Ventures and Grove Ventures.

Machine learning is taking the world by storm, creating a tremendous amount of value. The market is expected to grow from $26 billion in 2023 to $226 billion in 2030 at a CAGR of 36%. But only half of machine learning models make it to production, and the ones that do often end up being over time and budget or failing in spectacular ways. In other words, most machine learning models could use some improvement.

Machine learning is transitioning from long research projects to something organizations expect to regularly deploy to production in software-like development cycles. It took classical software development decades to establish processes and tools to help deliver projects on time and to quality. It took ChatGPT just two months to reach 100 million users. But machine learning has more moving parts and is more opaque, which makes it less safe and predictable in comparison.

The way to move machine learning forward is to apply testing and validation, drawing on lessons learned from software. Deepchecks helps practitioners, developers and other stakeholders go beyond MLOps and gain visibility and confidence every step of the way: from development to deployment and operation in production.

“It makes little sense to deploy and monitor software that has not been thoroughly and systematically tested first. Yet, this is what happens today with machine learning applications. Deepchecks brings a new approach to MLOps, improving models by adding validation to every step of the machine learning lifecycle” said Deepchecks co-founder and CEO Philip Tannor.

“Deepchecks introduces a community-driven MLOps framework that enables people from data scientists and developers to C-level executives to have a clear picture of how machine learning applications behave from research to production”, said Deepchecks co-founder and CTO Shir Chorev.

Tannor and Chorev co-founded Deepchecks three years ago. They were listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list and have known and worked with each other since they were 18. From the IDF’s Talpiot program to the elite 8200 intelligence unit, they picked up machine learning and got real-world exposure, earning distinctions along the way. They started Deepchecks as a “traditional” MLOps solution, but quickly realized that the way to cater to data scientists and developers at scale, is with an offering that has open source at its core.

Deepchecks offers an open source solution that lets users reuse and tailor components to holistically test machine learning models and datasets. These components were developed leveraging years of collective expertise and have been battle-tested in production.

The solution also includes monitoring and root cause analysis for production environments as well as a comprehensive UI. Deepchecks has over 500K downloads and is used at the likes of AWS,, and Wix, as well as in highly regulated industries such as finance and healthcare. The enterprise version includes additional collaboration and security features.

“Quality assurance is often assigned to people who are in the beginning of their careers. In machine learning, however, it’s often the most senior, highest paid person in the room who is tasked with this. That’s because as opposed to other domains QA has not yet been systematized for machine learning, so it remains a dark art. Deepchecks is here to address this, moving machine learning and businesses forward,” said Yuval Rozio, Director of Alpha Wave Ventures.


RETINA-AI Health, Inc. Welcomes Nwamaka Imasogie as Chief Product Officer


Nwamaka Imasogie has joined RETINA-AI Health, Inc. as Chief Product Officer. She joins from Microsoft’s Healthcare AI and Research team where she was Principal Software Engineer. Nwamaka has a passion for healthcare and is driven to build technology that will save lives. Furthermore, she is a technology entrepreneur who has founded and sold two Tech startups. Prior to joining Microsoft, she was Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at GitLinks, a Tech Startup that provided and verified cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and validation of open source software. She built the technology stack and led the company as CTO to its acquisition by the multi-billion dollar enterprise software firm, Infor. Before GitLinks, Nwamaka was an Engineering manager at Chevron.

Nwamaka obtained her first computer at the age 5 and has a passion for creating and stewarding products from conception to shipping. Her hands-on programming experience includes the following platforms and technologies: MLOps, Databricks, PyTorch, DevOps (AWS, GCP, Azure), Python, Javascript, Frontend, UI/UX, Continuous Integration, kubernetes, Docker, amongst others. She has published in Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence/Natural language Processing.

Nwamaka obtained a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Cornell University, and a Bsc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston. She is the inventor on two technology U.S. patents.

Dr. Stephen G. Odaibo, RETINA-AI Health, Inc.’s CEO and Founder had the following to say: “We are thrilled that Nwamaka is joining us as Chief Product Officer. She has vast experience in software product development, regulatory compliance, and healthcare tech — including her most recent role as Principal Software Engineer on the Microsoft Healthcare AI team. We are assembling an exceptionally talented and multidisciplinary leadership team and are especially delighted that Nwamaka has chosen to join us in building RETINA-AI Health, Inc.”

RETINA-AI Health, Inc. is a privately-held Delaware C-Corp founded in 2017 and headquartered in Houston Texas. The company is focused on building artificial intelligence to transform healthcare and improve the outcomes of prevalent chronic diseases such as diabetes. More broadly, the company develops and deploys retina-based AI for detection of systemic chronic diseases at scale. RETINA-AI Health, Inc. has a strong unwavering commitment to adhere to the highest standards of quality, while continuously leading the world in healthcare AI innovation.