Lion Announces Internal Testing of Robo-Advisor LionAI


Lion Group Holding Ltd. (“Lion” or “the Company”) (NASDAQ: LGHL), operator of an all-in-one trading platform that offers a wide spectrum of products and services as well as a developer of new growth products including SPAC sponsorship, NFT and metaverse-related initiatives, today announced that it will increase its investment in R&D innovation, especially in the areas of large AI models, AI content generation (AIGC) and other fields. The initiative empowers core fintech business products and services, based on the application and research of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as ChatGPT and ERNIE Bot (China’s ChatGPT equivalent). These efforts will also enable the Company to upgrade its technology, integrate business solutions, optimize user experience, reduce costs, improve quality, increase efficiency, achieve differentiated, professional, and characteristic development, and create an important vehicle for profitable growth.

Lion, with its professional technical team, has successfully created Robo-Advisor LionAI, which has entered the internal testing phase. In a later stage, the LionAI tool can provide customers with a number of AI products and services such as digital humans, smart financial Q&A, and customer service robots, which would be applied to the Company’s core traditional financial business segments including insurance, securities, and wealth management. LionAI may also provide smart financial advisory services including account opening, fee payment, insurance and underwriting, stock selection and diagnosis, asset allocation, investment education encyclopedia, and data retrieval, and it will be gradually upgraded to a chatbot powered by AI large language model. From the perspective of commercial value, LionAI is believed to have the potential to become a leading AI natural language and intelligent investment advisory system in the field of financial technology.

Mr. Wang Chunning (Wilson), CEO of Lion Group Holding Ltd, said, “Lion is committed to being a pioneer in the forefront of financial technology development, continuously improving operational efficiency, and addressing environmental changes and industry trends. Finance, technology, and digitalization are the three cornerstones of Lion’s efforts to move forward in the frontier of financial technology. Our LionAI powered by AI technology will inject new momentum into the company’s various financial technology businesses’ advancement, greatly improving the efficiency of our services, and supporting new business needs, meanwhile, further demonstrating our strong customer acquisition advantages, thereby driving the explored increase of users and revenue. In the future, we believe the adoption of AI is certain to become one of the important variables shaping the competitive landscape of the entire industry. With the support of AI-related technologies, we will continue to deepen our efforts in the fields of FinTech, AIGC, and Web3.0, to break through and enhance our development momentum. We will devote ourselves to promoting the high-speed construction and high-quality sustainable development of the digital financial ecosystem business, creating high-quality product experience and services for customers, as well as meaningful value growth for our shareholders.”


Web 3.0 Era Begins, Lion Group Holdings (LGHL.US) Gets a Head Start


Lion Group Holding LTD. (“Lion Group” or “The Group”) (NASDAQ: LGHL), operator of an all-in-one trading platform that offers a wide spectrum of products and services as well as a developer of new growth products including SPAC sponsorship, NFT and metaverse-related initiatives, today announced that Hong Kong’s Statement in support of the development of virtual assets will serve to further catalyze development of its existing Web 3.0 projects. LGHL is currently wrapping up phase one development of its metaverse project, Lion World.

Recently, the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong released a “Policy Statement on the Development of Virtual Assets (“VA”) in Hong Kong” (“the Statement”). The Statement outlined Hong Kong’s Policy on VA, with a view that Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Web 3.0 have the potential to become the future of finance and commerce. It invites the global VA community to leverage Hong Kong’s status as an international financial center to realize the potential of financial innovations under a clear, agile and facilitating regulatory environment. The statement also announced a number of pilot projects which include non-fungible token (NFT) issuance, green bond tokenization and e-HKD.

Development of Lion World began in 2021 as an extension of its “Metaverse AI Tool” development partnership with Dawa Technology. Lion World, built with Unreal Engine 4, offers an expansive and fully immersive metaverse experience with the provision of tools and infrastructure to support a wide range of activities. This includes blockchain game development, supporting Indie game development through creation of easy to use UGC tools, on-chain verification, play to earn models, avatar systems and more. Metapals and Mecha are two blockchain games built within Lion World which will soon enter alpha testing.

Lion Group’s Metawords project in collaboration with world renowned artist Xu Bing seeks to pioneer a new use case for NFTs, allowing users to create their own stories through a universal lexicon of symbols from Xu Bing’s “Book from the Ground“.

Mr. Wang Chunning (Wilson), CEO of Lion Group Holdings, said, “Out of the global financial centers in which Lion Group operates, Singapore and Hong Kong remain key focus points for future development, with a series of outlined policies on virtual assets coinciding with LGHL’s current development outlook.

The appeal of virtual assets to global investors is evident, as outlined in the Statement, not only will there be future opportunities as virtual assets evolve within Web 3.0 and the Metaverse, but it is likely virtual assets will in future become an indispensable part of the market.” 

“We are convinced that the Web 3.0 era will bring huge benefits to the digital market and that Lion World with its core competitiveness will become an important metaverse project within this space.

“We are optimistic about the development prospects of Virtual Assets, Financial Technology and Web 3.0. We will continue to look forward as to how we can best apply new technologies and practices to improve businesses or innovate product experiences for users and will continue to strive to deliver meaningful value and growth for our shareholders.”