Experienced executives Neil Ryland and Maggie Buggie join Normative to accelerate enterprise value chain carbon reduction


Maggie Buggie and Neil Ryland have joined Normative to accelerate enterprise value chain carbon reduction and management.

Buggie joins as COO after holding senior executive roles at SAP, Capgemini and Fujitsu and is on the Board of Spirent Communications. Ryland joins as CCO with executive experience from Peakon (acq. Workday) and Huddle. Buggie and Ryland join an existing executive team who have held leadership positions at Spotify, Tink, and Podio (acq. Citrix).

“At Normative, we have the credibility, product depth and experience to help customers understand their path to net zero and deliver sustainability outcomes. I am excited to create a new market standard and help fulfill our mission to expose the sustainability impact of all economic activities on the planet” says Maggie Buggie.

The new executives join as Normative rapidly expands to engage enterprise value chains in carbon reduction. Over 90% [CDP] of the average company’s emissions occur in the value chain, and reducing value chain carbon emissions has been the target of recently proposed EU and US legislation.

“I am very excited and proud to be joining the Normative team on its mission to help every company understand the impact of their business activity on our planet. This market is one that is driven not only by compliance, but by consumer demand. The existing technologies in place are not meeting the demands of today, yet alone tomorrow, and Normative’s world-class offering is perfectly placed to address this,” says Neil Ryland.

The Normative carbon accounting engine enables companies to measure their full carbon footprint – including the indirect emissions from their value chains – and identify hotspots.

Normative’s investors include 2150, ETF, byFounders, Horizon Ventures, Luminar Ventures, Future Five and Time Ventures. Normative is the official software provider for the UN-backed SME Climate Hub, and has received support from a Google.org Fellowship and grant.