ListenFirst Launches Social Intelligence Reporting For Fashion & Luxury Industry


ListenFirst, the premier enterprise social analytics solution,  is proud to announce the launch of Social Intelligence Reporting For Fashion & Luxury, an annual reporting package that makes fashion brands smarter by providing an unparalleled picture of competitors and overall market performance on social media. The Social Intelligence package includes forty reports over the course of the year that cover overarching trends and provide event/season specific insights.

This first of its kind offering from ListenFirst provides luxury fashion marketers with the social insights they need in the windows of time that are most impactful. Prepared by ListenFirst’s award winning analysts, the comprehensive report series offers the same level of in depth strategy shared with ListenFirst clients in custom reports and includes the following deliverables.

Monthly Highlights: Twelve times a year,  ListenFirst will send a recap identifying the most engaged with brands, brands that are trending and most popular social media posts around luxury fashion.

Quarterly State of Social: four times a year, ListenFirst delivers an expanded version of the monthly highlights, also incorporating broader aggregate trends for the industry – for example, if engagement is rising/falling, what social media platforms are leading, and identifying popular post types.

Brand Spotlights: Once a quarter, ListenFirst will provide a deep dive audit of the #1 trending luxury fashion brand during the previous three months, identifying exactly what they were doing to stand out in the social space.

Event/Season Specific Insight: Twenty times a year ListenFirst will deliver a unique report focusing on a different tentpole campaign. That includes two reports around Black Friday, three reports around the holiday season, seven reports about NYFW, Fall/Winter, seven reports on NYFW, Spring/Summer, and a deliverable covering the Met Gala.

“For years, bespoked reporting has been a calling card of ListenFirst, and managed services will continue to be an invaluable part of how we deliver actionable analytics to our clients, ” explained Miranda McWeeney, SVP of Client Success at ListenFirst. “However, when understanding trends around the competitive landscape and tentpole events, those are insights that greatly impact ROI but that don’t require personalization. By creating our new Social Intelligence Reporting For Fashion & Luxury package, brands that otherwise wouldn’t have access to these critical insights will now get them delivered in reports with beautifully produced visuals and easy-to-digest takeaways.”

The Social Intelligence Reporting For Fashion & Luxury package is available as a subscription to all fashion brands, and doesn’t require the use of ListenFirst as a SaaS solution. Brands that are ListenFirst clients can subscribe to the package at a significantly discounted rate.

Brands can find more information about the ListenFirst Social Intelligence Reporting For Fashion & Luxury package, including a sample report, Black Friday Social Analysis, here.