Fintech Provider ParagonEX adding new brokers as clients


Financial technology leader ParagonEX signs deals with several internationally-reputed brokers to provide them with ParagonEX technology and services.

As part of an ongoing effort to expand and diversify its services, ParagonEX announced that several agreements were signed, and one of the brokers,, already successfully finished its migration to ParagonEX.

1Market, offering trading services globally, is a fully regulated broker and is now equipped with the advanced ParagonEX Prime trading platform, back-office services and automated KYC systems, all offered by ParagonEX.

Simon Duggan, ParagonEX’s CEO said: “As part of our expansion, we are glad to have constant interest from brokers regarding some or all of our services. As we focus on continued innovation, we will also have to prioritise broker onboarding, to ensure our pipeline is clear for the next group of incoming brokers.”

ParagonEX Prime, the core product of the ParagonEX group is hailed as one of the most advanced brokerage packages on offer today, comprising of all the elements that medium-sized to large brokers seek in a technology partner – from a proprietary, state-of-the-art trading platform to advanced back-office features and top-notch ancillary services.


The FX Industry Speaks out on 1Market’s Sentiment-Focused Trading Platform Developed by ParagonEx Networks


Following the integration of its novel FX trading platform with regulated Forex broker 1Market, FinTech company ParagonEx introduces a new set of features and capabilities that traditional webtrader platforms lack.

Conceived as a global trading software solution designed to provide a smooth and engaging experience to end-users, 1Market’s algorithm-powered 1nsight feature enables traders to derive more value from their trading activity with real-time sentiment analysis and insights into price action on the instruments they invest in.

Additionally, the brokerage firm offers traders worldwide a complete arsenal of proprietary and third-party tools, creating a comprehensive, transparent and secure trading environment where traders can elevate their trading with real-time data. Among these are:

  • Deal Protection – a cutting-edge risk management tool that helps traders determine where to place their protective Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels, thus minimising loss when volatility is high.
  • Leverage Selector – an innovative feature which enables traders to adjust their leverage with every position they open.
  • 1Shield – an advanced feature which minimises traders’ risk of exceeding their margin level.
  • Trading Central Signals  connected directly to Trading Central’s signal generating engine, the broker allows traders with a funded account to access trading signals three times daily fee-free.

As a tech-focused financial services provider and innovation pioneer in the Forex and CFD sector, the brokerage chose ParagonEX as its technology provider for its top-of-the-line solutions which are among the most sought-after in the industry, particularly because of their enhanced flexibility and smooth user experience.

‘We’ve established 1Market with one purpose in mind – empower traders to get more from their trades. What makes us stand out from the crowd is the unique ability to provide a scalable financial service that meets the demands of both novice and advanced traders and the tools that they need to achieve their goals more efficiently than ever’, [name] commented.

The broker will soon launch an iOS and an Android mobile trading app, offering greater accessibility to opportunities. More information to follow.