Fintech Provider ParagonEX adding new brokers as clients


Financial technology leader ParagonEX signs deals with several internationally-reputed brokers to provide them with ParagonEX technology and services.

As part of an ongoing effort to expand and diversify its services, ParagonEX announced that several agreements were signed, and one of the brokers,, already successfully finished its migration to ParagonEX.

1Market, offering trading services globally, is a fully regulated broker and is now equipped with the advanced ParagonEX Prime trading platform, back-office services and automated KYC systems, all offered by ParagonEX.

Simon Duggan, ParagonEX’s CEO said: “As part of our expansion, we are glad to have constant interest from brokers regarding some or all of our services. As we focus on continued innovation, we will also have to prioritise broker onboarding, to ensure our pipeline is clear for the next group of incoming brokers.”

ParagonEX Prime, the core product of the ParagonEX group is hailed as one of the most advanced brokerage packages on offer today, comprising of all the elements that medium-sized to large brokers seek in a technology partner – from a proprietary, state-of-the-art trading platform to advanced back-office features and top-notch ancillary services.